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This is more or less one of the first “offically” comped versions of this event. The event has been running for about 10-12 years now and is supposed to me a “beer and pretzels event” or club challenge rather that a WACC type of deal. All prizes are handed out randomly. Tou get a raffle ticket for showing up and depending on how your team/club places you can potentialy get 2-3 raffle tickets rather than just one. Its supposed to be a fun deal that keeps people comming back each year.

This is the 3rd revision for the 2013-2014 season. Right now they are looking for more feedback. anyone have any suggestions I can share?

Ok, here is the next version version of the rules pack, incorporating many of the changes discussed, and after my discussions with Eric. Please look it over. I’ll give us a couple more days to discuss this version, and make necessary changes. I intend to publish this, or at least the version that comes out of this discussion in a couple days.


Teams composed of four players

Teams must contain four different armies, no duplicates.

2800 pts, from approved army books and Dogs of War. The following armies will receive bonuses to their comp:

Tomb Kings: -0.4 to comp

Beastmen: -0.4 to comp

Wood Elves: -0.4 to comp

Bretonnians: -0.4 to comp

Dogs of War: -0.4 to comp

No Special characters

Max of 12 PD per phase at one time. You can generate power dice during the phase (ie. lore of death attribute). Dice from sources such as magic mushrooms, Hierotitans, etc do not count as power dice for the limit.

Rare points may be spent from the army book, or from any monster in the Storm of Magic, Monstrous Arcanum, or Tamurkhan books. Additionally, rare points may be spent on one (1) Dogs of War unit. If you bring anything from any of those non-traditional books, you are required to have a printed copy of the rules for your opponent. If you do not have a printed copy of all the rules for that unit, you cannot use it.


This is an invitational event designed to showcase sportsmanship and the love of the hobby. It is an event held in a public place, where families with children may be. Please be cognizant of your language and behavior. Additionally, there will be a zero tolerance policy on racist, bigoted, sexist and homophobic language. Tournament organizers reserve the right to ask any player to leave who behaves in a manner hurtful to others, and to ban them from future events.


The team captain is the most important role at OFCC. More than anyone else, the captains determine the success or failure of the event. If you are a captain, you bear the weight of the OFCC on your shoulders. It is a serious responsibility, and requires commitment. The captains provide the following roles:

Team Building: The captains invite the players onto their team. As captain you personally vouch for each player. You assure the OFCC that the players on your team are good people, who enjoy the fun of the game, and embody sportsmanship above all. Your reputation is on the line.

Team lists: The captain ensures each list is accurate, properly formatted, legal, and within the spirit of the event. Captains should be working with players to try and achieve the ideal comp score of 3 (see below). Captains are expected to take a very active role in helping their players create their lists.

List submission: The captains are responsible for submitting team lists on time and correctly.

Pairings: The captains are responsible for working with the opposing team captain to create round pairings that are fun and embody the sportsmanship spirit of the event.

Team unity: Captains are responsible for ensuring team members arrive at the hotel, and make it to each round on time. They are also responsible for coordinating any items such as matching team shirts, etc.

LIST RESTRICTIONS (Subject to revision upon release of a new army book)


Mournfang: Max 8

Max unit size of Ironguts: 12


Casket of Souls: Max 1

Necropolis Knights: Max 8


If the army takes the Shard of the Herdstone it is limited to a max of 4 casters


K�?TDaai Destroyer: Max 1

K�?TDaai Fireborn: Max 8

Hellcannon: Max 1

Dreadquake Mortar: Max 1


Max cannons, counting steam tanks: 3

Demigryphs: Max 8


May take max of two from the following list: Skull Cannon, Greater Daemon

Beasts of Nurgle: Max 8

Plague drones: Max 8


May take max of two from the following list: Daemon Prince, Chimera

Skullcrushers: Max 8

Hellcannon: Max 1


May take max of three from the following list: Abomination, Warp Lightning Cannon, Doomwheel

Plague Furnace: Max 1

Screaming Bell: Max 1


Max of 6 from the following list: Doom Diver, Rock Lobba, Spear Chukka

Savage Orcs (including Big’Uns): Max 40


Max of 3 from the following list: Cannon, Grudge Thrower, Anvil of Doom


Frost Phoenix: Max 1,

Max Total Phoenixes: 2

Banner of the World Dragon may not be taken in a unit greater than 40 models.


Terrogheist: Max 1

Ethereal units/characters: Max 3


Max of 2 from the following list: Pendant of Kaleth, Sacrificial Dagger, Cauldron of Blood, Banner of Hag Graef








Your battle and objective points (total) each round will be divided by your army comp. Your army comp is determined by a panel of judges who individually rate each army list on a scale from 1.0-5.0, in increments of .1. Each army starts at a 1.0 (except for Wood Elves, Tomb Kings, Beastmen and Dogs of War which begin at 0.6) , which represent a significantly underpowered list, to 5 which represents a very hard list designed to WAAC (win at all costs). Your goal is to submit a list rated at 3.

REPEAT: Your goal is to bring a list that will be rated a 3.

Judges are chosen for their experience in Warhammer, and their experience with the OFCC. Their ratings are subjective, based on how strong they evaluate the list, how fun it would be to play against, and how well it represents the �?obeer and pretzels�?� atmosphere of OFCC. The lists are blind, meaning judges are not shown the names of the players, or their teams. Judges are not allowed to vote on their own list. The judges rate individually, without consultation with each other. There is no �?ofixing�?� or collusion. So if all the judges rate an army a 5, you can be assured it wasn�?Tt a result of some backdoor dealing, but because the list is genuinely hard.

When all the judges have rated a list, the highest and lowest scores are thrown out, and the remaining scores are averaged to yield the final result. Your list rating directly affects your tactician points, which directly affects your team, and your ability to get the best tactician and best overall awards.


On table 1, Joe�?Ts Skaven, with a comp of 3.7, plays Bills Bretonnians with a comp of 2.0. Skaven win the match for 10 pts, and get 5 objective points, for a total of 15. Bretonnians get a loss, for 5 pts, and 5 objective points, for a total of 10.

Skaven: 15 battle points / 3.8 = 3.9

Bretonnians: 10 battle points / 2.0 = 5.

But wait, you say! A loss is 5 pts and a win is 10, with 10 scenario pts possible each round. If I get the full 20 pts each round, slaughtering all before me, but my list is rated 5, I get a 4. But someone who lost each round, and never got a scenario point, but had a list rated at 1 would get a 5. What the hell?!

Yes, that is correct. It is nearly impossible to do well if your list is rated a 5. We�?Tre serious when we mean keep in the spirit of OFCC and aim for a 3.

Captains are responsible for helping each member of their team submit a list that aims for 3. So bring your lower powered lists up, and your harder lists down.


The first step in the army list rating process is your team captain. Your captain should be evaluating your list, and helping you construct a list in the spirit of the OFCC.

The captain will submit your list to the ratings committee. All communication goes through the captain. Do not contact the committee directly, or post your list yourself. That is the captain�?Ts job.

The ratings committee will look at each list and use it�?Ts own subjective assessment. Committee members will ask themselves the following questions (not an exclusive list)

1. Is this list in the spirit of the OFCC, and a hobbyist event emphasizing sportsmanship and fun games, or is it designed with competition in mind?

2. Does this list have a theme, or are unit selections apparently made based solely on tactical advantage?

3. Does this appear to be an Internet list?

4. Are unusual, or seldom seen, choices present in the army?

5. Is this a gunline?

6. Is this a MSU list?

7. Is this a deathstar list?

8. Does this list look fun to play against?

9. Does this list try to break the mold, and bring something new to see?

You will note we are not publishing a specific �?odo this, don�?Tt do that�?� checklist. That�?Ts because publishing such a thing just encourages people to try and work around and/or break it. So use the general guidelines above and the spirit of the OFCC and sportsmanship as your reference. You know when your list is harder. Double lord casters? Looks harder. Decided to take a unit the Internet hates just because you wanted to finally put it on the table and play it? Your comp just improved.


Sportsmanship is per team. This is calculated based on individual points assessed in each game by opponents, minus penalties assessed to the team from the ratings committee.

In each game, opponents are asked to rate the sportsmanship of the opponent on a scale of 1-5, with the following directions:

Please rate the sportsmanship of your opponent. DISREGARD the results of your game. Don�?Tt let yourself be swayed by who won or lost. Rather, focus on the sportsmanship.

5: An outstanding, exceptional game. One of the most enjoyable games you�?Tve ever played in you life. This is reserved for the truly exceptional gaming experience. You would never give this rating out more than once per tournament.

4: A truly top notch game, that went above and beyond the typical OFCC experience. This more than just a good game, your opponent delivered something �?oextra�?� to enhance the gaming experience and make you always remember this game.

3. A good solid OFCC style fun game. This is the fun game you expect at OFCC, and you would have a beer and play this opponent again anytime.

2. Not what you expect from an OFCC game. There was something in this game that decreased the fun factor, and made the game less social and enjoyable.

1. A complete failure of an OFCC game. This was a game you might expect to have at a hyper-competitive event with no fun. You would not play this person again.


It can be hard to rate sportsmanship with a person sitting across the table from you. We all feel social pressures to be nice and bump scores. So we�?Tre helping the players out in that. If you answer yes to any of the following, you may not rate your opponent higher than a 3. You get to be the good guy, the tournament made you rate them that way:

Was your opponent late to the game? YES/NO

Was your opponent intoxicated to a level that impeded your enjoyment of the game? YES/NO

Was your opponent missing anything necessary to play, ie dice, ruler, templates, models? YES/NO

Did your opponent spend the game on his/her cell phone or computer to an extent that it detracted from your enjoyment of the game? YES/NO

Were you unable to finish at least 4 full turns due to your opponents slow play? YES/NO

With teams of 4, five matches total, and a max of 5 sportsmanship per match, the individual components range from 20-100.

From this team total, the ratings committee will deduct the following:

Army lists submitted after the deadline: -5 per day late.

Army lists submitted with incorrect formatting: -2 per list

Army lists rejected due to incorrect math, illegal structure, or inclusion of units/items in violation of comp rules: -5 per list

From the team total, the ratings committee will add the following:

Does the team have team shirts, or nametags: +5

For each favorite opponent pin: +5 per pin.


Some of the comp seems random and missing important things. If its entirely up to the judges’ discretion, I’m not sure why there is any need for comp in the first place? Surely better to have just comp or just judges’ opinions?

For example no cap on Skaven Slaves? Or Gutter Runners? Or 15pt Engineers? No cap on Magma Cannons and Daemonsmith re-rolls? No Ironblaster comp?

It seems totally weighted to the judges’ opinions and looking at the comp, I’m not sure they know what is what…


Seems odd to have a max on Fireborn but not on Magma Cannons.


I can explain the odd CD comp! There is only one other chaos dwarf player in the area. My army has been played once at a small at a small local venue. I just don’t think they know where some of the true dangers are there. As to the other stuff I think its all based on the Portland-Vancouver metro area meta. This event pulls mostly from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia so my guess is that its all based on that meta. Additionally they really want people to bring what they want they are trying to duck WAAC lists. In addition to the meta on the message board they have two separate threads covering the most and least used units in any army. I think the comp is partly based on that as well.