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Sorry guys I haven’t been in a chaos dwarfs mood for a while but I want to start a 40k ultramarines army does anyone have a idea on how to start it


you can’t go wrong with a librarian as your HQ and a couple of squads of tactical marines to fill out your troops.

after that you can add in up to 3 heavy, 3 fast attack and 3 support slots, so any of the nice toys really.




Calgar is worth a look

Hashut’s Blessing:

Best place is the starter set - you get decent basic stuff and the rules, plus an army to sell or use as a back up.


Nice idea but I would wait for the new 6th starter set to come out

The Charioteer:

Nice idea but I would wait for the new 6th starter set to come out

I heard that was going to be Dark Angels.


Definitely get the current starter set before it gets replaced by the Dark Angel version.

It has a reasonably well rounded force and only really requires another tactical unit and a couple of rhinos to be a decent army.

Plus you could sell all the orks in there on ebay and help fund these purchases :slight_smile:




actually if you are waiting for the new starter…

I’d mix the already clandestine looking DA models into a Fallen Chaos Marine force…

You should be able to run out 1500 from one cheapo box… and minor conversion skillz…

With a new CSM book on the way you’d only have to put up with junk rules for a short period…

Anyway that’s my take if you want to take quick and affordable jump into 40K…


If you’re looking at this ffrom a gaming perspective and don’t care about particularly dynamc models, you can pick up the tactical squads from the current starter set for about £10 on ebay. Maelstrom Games are also having a sale atm, so you could pick up the AoBR set for £49. That’s a pretty good basis for an army when you consider it’d cost you £90 to get the marines seperately.