[Archive] OG Games painting contest 2 - Command Group


We at OG Games are holding our second painting contest!  

The theme for this contest is Command Group

Entries Thread here

If there are 10 or more entries, there will be a prize of £20 worth of Vallejo Paints and effects.

(OG Games Mods can enter, but cannot win the prize)

The theme is quite broad, so we’re expecting lots of entries.  Entries should contain three models.  

Some ideas for this contest are:

-From space hulk/40K (Librarian, Sergeant, Heavy Weapon etc)

-From warmaster/epic (3 character/command stands)

-From fantasy (Regimental command)

-theres plenty of other possibilities, just enter something and see!

Please see the Painting Contest Rules first

The final date for entries for this competiton is midday on Saturday 2nd January 2010, so you’ve all got loads of time

Good luck to all who enter!



Hashut’s Blessing:

Unfortunately, the link to the rules is broken! Otherwise, I;d read up and begin my entry, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


fixed the link, sorry!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent gets to reading thanks.


not long left on this now, lets see some WIPs from people!

Any three command figures/stands for any game system and from any manufacturer.

There’s got to be some people out there painting some command models atm!


entries are in, voting thread is up: