[Archive] Ogre's as Steampunk Botz?


Has anyone ever modeled their mercenary ogres as steampunk robots or even technologically enhanced like some rat ogres are?

If so, could you post the examples here? or link to them?

I’m thinking about doing this using ork dreadnaught and killa kan bitz.



Kera foehunter:

never thought of it !! but it seem like a cool idea!


There was a WD article on converting up 40k Ogryns from plastic WHFB Ogres.


A talented mini converter who goes by the tag Corai made a tzeentch themee steam punk army that came really well. Here’s a link to it. Corai is also really friendly and will give you advice if you ask him.



I’m thinking of this idea as well. They are not Ogre mercs though. They are ogres of chaos (in a mortal army) but they represent a daemon smith’s construction.

Sadly, googling “steam punk”, you mainly come up with steam punk style starwars ships made from lego.

The ones I (will)construct will most likely be from scratch using sprues putty and plastic card.

The biggest problem is actually design. What’s the fluff behind them (mainly, who made them)?

Next would be to not make anything which looks too high tech, no wires or anything digital.

Cogs/gears, cylinder shapes and pipes seem the best bet for you to work off.

Having a look at some pictures/ sketches from “Morrowind” might help, as in the game you learn about a dwarven race who become extinct, for reasons unknown. Are a few strong holds, literature, along with robots. Try "Steam Centurion, if you google it.

Either that or you can wait till I do mine.