[Archive] Ogres for my CD


While perhaps not the best option tactically, I think taking some Ogres will be fun. Plus, they don’t have some of the rules questions Bull Centaurs do… and I can be true GW-only this route.

Also: The Midwest Rampage (and yes, I will encourage people to go) is my favorite tournament, and for one game of five you need to bring 250 pts of DoW. So having some Ogres for that might be fun.

Plus as I want to build a Nurgle Warriors list (oddly enough, with no Chaos Warriors in it), having some Ogres would be nice. Seeing as I have a bunch of Ogres sitting, converting them to be Chaos Dwarfish would be cool and kill two skaven with one stone.

So I’m giving them the Chaos Dwarf beards, I heard Guitar Strings (thank you Servius) is a good idea. What else can I do to reallly emphasize this theme for them?

Kera foehunter:

give them tall hat and you can use the lead belcher as sorta blunderbusses

with some moderation to there canons

Father Grumpmas:

I added hats from the plastic CD warrior to my leadbelchers and used a deathrocket as one of the cannons plus chaos shields as gutplates

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

You better check this blog out. Also, I don’t like the guitar-string method; they’re waaay to stif IMO.


CD-style masks could look way cool on ogres. Bull iconography on their armour and weapons, bull tattoos, a bull-headed standard maybe?