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I already showed my Bull Centaur wips in the conversion forum, and promised a project log when I got back to Gothenburg. Well, I’m back, and here’s the project log.

Earlier this morning, I had a look through what I had brought with me (lots of old dwarf bits) and what I had made. And sad to say, I stumbled of the path, and took the big hats off my centaurs.

So I made some masks, and started on a warrior test model. Here are the results so far:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



The first centaur is really sweet, never thought Id say it but I agree that he looks better without the hat… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I’m really happy with him :smiley:


like wise for me, sorry the hat is no longer with us but its loss has improved the look of the model, great work Ogrob :slight_smile:


Done a bit more work, started on another model, but I don’t have the light to take proper pictures, so here are some workdesk shots:

Kera foehunter:

I like the new bull centaur !Did you use a slayer for the torso


New stuff!

I got some paint on the first warrior, and then started stuffing another four. Gonna try to finish these tonight.

Decided that my theme is going to be a treasure hunter/slave taker patrol type of thing, so I wanted some of these models to be lugging about rather a lot of gear.


Love the Bull Centaur with the mining equipment. Very cool and also a nice conversion.


I’ve been quiet for a while, I know. My mother and sister came to visit, so I didn’t have any time to paint anything.

But last night, I got to trying out basing methods, and ended up deciding that sculpting tile bases worked best for me.

So here’s four painted warriors with bases. They do still need some touchups…

I’ve run into a new problem, in that I’m sort of limited in bits supply. I would like some skulls and horns and spiky things, but all I have are dwarf bits, which is mostly just beer and blingy things.

Kera foehunter:

You could go to the market place on this site and ask the member here to help with what your looking for


big spikey axes:) that’s great. Where did you get the axe heads from?


Like your conversions, especially the first “Bull”-Centaur with the mining equipment! :hat off



Thanks for the comments everyone :smiley:

The axes are mostly from the 6th edition Dwarf warrior box, since I have an old 6th edition Dwarf army to gather bits from.

The Bull Centaurs should be ready to pose for new pictures soon, they need bases and some touchups.


Here are some pics of the finished Bull Centaurs and a Warrior champion I’m working on.


I like the champion a lot - particularly the mask as it reminds me of the Predator’s. I think that any CD champion is going to have a magical weapon and so it needs some embellishments - skulls, arrows, daemon faces, Hashut runes, etc. Also, the banners desperately need some designs. Its all good stuff though.


Thanks :smiley:

I haven’t decided what to put on the banner yet, any suggestions? The plan is to have banners for all character models, to make them stick out a little bit more. Also going to have to do some more work on his axe, but I haven’t decided just what I want to do with it yet. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve started some serious sculpting projects, pictures should be coming in a couple days maybe.


Cool Hero! :cheers

I´m curious how you will paint the banner!

… and of cause I want to see more of your great conversions!


Da Crusha:

I like the character a lot, but I think the banners need a pole sticking out of the top to help distinguish it. at first glance I thought it was a cape flapping in the wind.

Kera foehunter:

I like the painted hero cool cape


I was painting a bit, and started thinking about a rather funny stage that my chaos dwarfs generally end up in after the first paint session.

I undercoat white, then start on the skin, which needs a couple layers to get good coverage, and then usually also paint the gloves and scale mail red because that’s another color that needs several layers to look good. See, I start with my highlight color, and then just shade down from there, so the armor starts of as blood red.

Anyway, there are my next batch of badass warriors, and they look like effin’ Santa Claus in all red and white. It’s probably the ugliest stage of the process, and at this point, I generaly doubt that they will ever look good…