[Archive] Old Death Rocket and earthshaker models

Mad Dave:


I’m looking to put my old Death Rockets and earth shaker onto some bases but im not sure what the correct size base is for these, any one got any ideas what size i should use please.


I know the death rocket fits on a 40X40 base and the earthsaker will probably fit on a 50X50 base. but if you want your crew on the same base you should use a larger one


Best Death Rocket one in my experience is actually a 60X40 base though

Mad Dave:

at one point i was thinking of making a bunker/encampment to house my death rocket/ earth shaker. But i had ago it didnt turn out very well to say the least. my neace who is 5 made a better one outta kiddys play-do .


Deathrocket fits on a 40x40 base, but that’s only the rocket, not the crew… same goes for the 50x50 for the earthshaker, but once again without the crew.

I’ve put my two carrying-crew on a 40x40 base to act as a stand-in for an ogre (I play LoA), and that also looks really nice… I never really liked them on a cavalry base, or two seperate ones.


use round bases for warmachines so you;ll never have trouble turning them. (and this works best with 8th edition rules. most warmachines fit very well on the 60mm round bases, if bigger use a beermat (thats what i do)

Da Crusha:

are you going to use them as a deathshrieker and dreadquake mortar? if so, I would use the base that best fits those models, that way they will be better accepted as substitutes.

Thommy H:

War machines don’t require bases, so you should use whatever is most aesthetically pleasing. My Death Rocket is on a custom 60 x 60 mm base with spaces to put the crew at the back.