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By chance is anyone familiar with any resources for old plastic miniatures?  The first army I bought was a Chaos army and I have some really old figures I am trying to identify if they are GW/Citadel figures or not.  I found one catalog list on solegends.com but I couldn’t find the old plastic ones I am looking for.  

They have the helmets have the standard Khorne-like wings, but I’m sure they are even older than this particular figure.  No immediately identifying Chaos symbols which would have told me for sure.  I can also take a pic of them when I get home if anyone might be able to identify them just by looking. 

Not that it matters too much.  I was just curious since I was trying to organize my mess of figures into containers by army and I saw these guys and wasn’t sure if they were GW figures or not.

Thanks in advance!

(Edit: Removed picture of the similar figure and posted the correct picture at the bottom).

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

ah yes these use to be with the started set you’d get paints a brush glue and 6 of them but that was when GW only sold it’s prouduct in britain so there hard to find

Viskar Zhragoth:

Actually, The store I used to work at in college sold tons of these in box sets. I think they were originally sold in boxes of 10 (or 8)? The main reason they sold were because they were cheap. (or at least cheaper) But I seem to recall like 12.50 for 8 at one point? And we sold them in the US, so they should be out there somewhere…though they were replaced rather quickly as they learned to do more than static pose plastics…

One other note, they were re-released around 2000 in little starter boxes (others included wizards and monsters) They were basically a round up and reselling of all of the old palstics form the late 80s early 90s - though I think they were mainly meant for big store chains in England, they did sell them here.


It was the mid 90s plastic Chaos Warrior, sold in a box of 10 in the UK. I had a box of these. Like many of the single piece plastics of the time, they wouldn’t rank up unless you put them diagonal. I’m pretty sure the same model was use in Talisman at the time too. Mine have been farmed out to my Chaos Blood Bowl team (alongside the beatsman plastics from the same era) and are axe-less.

They are very similar to the Heroquest models which had a plastic base moulded onto their feet.

Lord Darkash:

they started life packed in heroquest with the moulded bases. very little changed (apart from the base obviously when they joined warhammer


Sorry all, I shouldn’t have posted that pic.  That probably just made things confusing.  This is the pic I said I would post later on…

Any idea if that’s an old GW figure or not?

Thanks everyone!  Take care.


Lord Darkash:

Not one i recognise i have to say, could be though. Hows that for helpful! :hat off

Kera foehunter:

i think it is, it still look like the one you gat back in the day of 8 figures

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

great now i’m buggered :o don’t know sorry

Viskar Zhragoth:

Aha, ok, that is one of the Battlemasters Chaos Warriors from the Milton Bradley game with fig by GW (much like Heroquest, but more like Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Yours has just been put on a regular fantasy base…

Here is another pic of one with teh little sticker from the game on it.

Viskar Zhragoth


Very nice! Thanks Viskar, and thanks to everyone for the replies! I was pretty sure it had to be something from GW because it looked way too much like a Chaos Warrior for there not to be some sort of lawsuit if it wasn’t GW made. :smiley:

Thanks again everyone.