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hell o, ladies and gentleman,

welcome to moses late night (at least in austria) old school chaos dwarf army blog.

#but let me introduce some basic history first.

i collected this army about 20 years ago. i played orcs an goblins at that time and wanted something for alliances. and because there were greenskins in the list i could use parts of my other collection even without asking my friends.

back then was the “red era”, and as i tried to be as good as the eavy metal guys, my models fit that style too.

back then i didn´t like the hobgoblin models (as no real orc and goblin player does) so i own zero of this guys.

nowadays i would love to have a few sneaky gits, not because they are especially good in the game, just because i love the models.

i gamed with the army quite a while, but during the raveninghordes time i lost interest in them. to much unclear rules and more tempting projects around every corner.

but with tamurkhan, my interest in the stunted ones was kindled again. it took a while till i bought that book, but now i am into the army again.

#so what comes next?

first plan is to get used to the new rules

second to try to find a list that works with my collection

and third add some of the new warmachines

maybe some k´daii and a destroyer conversion. just maybe.

#today i would like to show you my main core units

the red guard

25 models strong

back in the days i always had a frontrank of metal models for my plastic units. look good and helped to complete my collection

3 different axedwarfs

the command group with freehand banner

the black guard

might be used as ironsworn

my blunderbuss unit

there are 21 of them. in the good old time they hat S5 with 3 ranks shooting and  7 models wide was a good arc of fire

there are no detail shot. i can´t remember why they are not painted in coherent unit style. somehow they still look cool.

so yeah thats it for today. thanks for reading.

i hope you like my old school army.

if not, tell me, but be aware, i am gonna posting them tough.



very nice models!! keep them in this beautiful vintage style!


I love the old chaos dwarfs, they just look so fun.

Great army, dig the classic paint job.

As per your notes at the beginning - I am stoked to see what you manage to put together for a K’daai Destroyer (having seen your Ogre/Cart too).


Loving the classic paintjobs!


Love the classic paintjob, too. But those goblin green bases are a touch too retro imho.


Do love the older style painting as well. My blunderbussers seem to lack something in comparison and it just might be the triangle pattern in the barrels. will have to do/think about it


hell o, chaos dwarf lovers,

after two busy days, today is time for another late night posting for my army.

first i wanted to do a latenight double feature of characters an war machines. but decided against. i want to show you my favourite unit.

bull centaurs!

back in the good old time where magma was hot and slaves cheap i collected every 7 different types of bull centaurs. as i wanted to field a unit of 10, which was normal size at that time, i had to do some little conversions to get 10 different models.

just for unchangend (unchained…) models

please note how the paint blends from to black at the end of the legs. i did this because i wanted to have red hooves instead of the black ones the eavymetal team did.

the shields are all freehand after the artwork of the famous mark gibbons.

the model in the middle of this group is the only one that is double, to make him look different i changed the position of the right arm and gave him a rearing up position (normal version, 2nd model, 1si pic)

on we go with my banner bearer

massive free hand banner, inspired by the artwork in the old army book.

i didn´t like the pennants that where added by eavy metal. so i added some chains and skulls.

much nicer in my oppinion. but decide for yourself

a unit needs a musician, thats sure. but there was no model for one. so i had to built one myself. a drummer in a cavalry unit? no looks strange, so lets go for a hornblower.

its just the normal infantry musican, cut in half at the belt and glued to the centaur body. easy but effective conversion.

one thing is missing, a mean leader for them. used the same technique as for the hornblower, but on one of the character models.

so yeah, thats my favourite unit.

hope you like them too.

good night

good fight



quite effective and attractive. I know I couldn’t bring myself to cut up any of the older models but they look great and I just can’t bring myself to like the old grass bases.


The green bases really set off the red/black scheme of the army!

Wish I would’ve kept my old Big Hats from years gone by!!! Like other projects, they went bye-bye. Wish I would’ve sold something else off!


Very nice painting, and very nice banners, keep it up !

Especially like how you painted red parts :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Great army and cool colors, It doesn’t get better than this :slight_smile:


RARR Bighats.

Your Bullcentaur standard looks sad, Is that standard to heavy?

Big hats sure did like skulls. :hat off


hell o, chaos dwarf lovers,

welcome to moses late night old school chaos dwarf army blog.

today i will do a double feature. warmachines and characters.

lets start with the good old death rocket

my earthshaker with the freshly painted ogre, that i posted a few days ago

good old astragoth

and my favourite, a lord on a great taurus

on this little guy i did the legs in the same fashion as on the bull centaurs to keep it all coherent.

and i got a army shot aswell, seems to be a triple feature…

so thats my whole old school army. painted many many years ago. and seeing them still makes me proud.

and now, whats coming next?

an iron deamon just rolled into my house towing a magma cannon.

so these will come next. along with the crew i will paint one of the forgeworld gamesday only chaos dwarf scorcerer.

an army standard might be a good idea.

a unit of converted fireglaives.

a unit filler for the blunderbusses.

and finally some kdaii conversions including a destroyer.

looks like enough to keep me busy for the next 10 years…



Very nice army shot, GZ on a great job!!!


Good night chaos dwarf lovers,

there is no CD painting going on at the moment as i wanted to finish a crew for malifaux.

But i took to pictures of my CD fortress that i built back in the days when the warhammer siege suppement was released.

The basic shape was built form simple cardboard, than covered in “bricks” made of a thinner and stronger cardboard with a fine surface.

I coverd the whole structrue with a couple layers of gloss black spraypaint as i wanted to achied a obsidian look. Then i picked out the edges in red to give it a interesting look.

Front view with the gate of hell

Top view

The slightly angled spape was not easy to achieve and took quite a lot of time.

I built it during serving in the army, mostly when i was off duty, but sometimes even during my “job” in the officers mess (if thats the correct word for it).