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My local secondhand bookshop (actully, it is the only bookshop for miles and miles) has a copy of the 1991 Warhmmer Armies book for $10. I can’t decide if I should buy it or not. It’s not in fantastic condition, but it isn’t too bad.


Just go for it man! I’d find impossible to resist the pulse to know more about what is (for me) the prehistory of Warhammer!!! Besides, is only ten bucks:)


I collect the old books as i like to look at how the art has progressed (both painting and models). I loved when GW started releasing the Collector’s Guides for certain armies… I quit the game after a few, but now that i’ve come back, it doesn’t look like they released anymore after i left the hobby… Those were awesome


I’d say go for it! I have one of the older chaos books (the one just called Chaos with mortals, demons and beasts in one) and I love looking through it once in a while.


Old Warhammer books are a win, it’s a blast from the past.

Besides, it’s only $10…

Go for it! :cheers


I actively seek out, and buy old Warhammer books. I really like the artwork, the painted minis and the fluff. The downside is, after a few purchases, the books take up a LOT of valuable shelf space. It is good to have a history of one of my favourite hobbies.

By the way $10 is about an average price for this type of book.

Kera foehunter:

My Dear friend ! this is what i call a gift . The cozmo has put you in the time a place to find this.

Books are always good . so go a head and buy it

Unless there a better one there like Sport illustrated swim suit issue that has your attention i can see your problem of choice then :slight_smile:


You’re debating spending $10. O_O


I’m trying to live relatively clutter-free, I don’t want it to be just another book on a shelf, but at the same time it is a pretty cool book! I think I’ll go grab it tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Anyone got a picture of this book?

I’ve got the old Warhammer Battle book from 5th ed.

Edit. Is this it:

Kera foehunter:

Blue in VT:

Yep! That’s the one…imagine…all the armies in one book!? What crazy idea! When 4th edition came out and they wanted me to buy a different book for each army that cost more than this book that had all the armies…I knew that GW had " jumped the shark" … It was the beginning of the massive financial abuse of their gamers which continues today.

3rd edition will rise again!



PS go get that book!


Well, I bought it already. Get it home, start flipping through more thoroughly, and…

CRAP, it goes from page 10 to page 73! That’s most of the magic section and half of the full army lists! I may have to take to a torrent site to get the missing bits. I might have noticed in the shop if I hadn’t been carrying a sleeping child. Oh well.