[Archive] Olley's Armies is back!


Olleys Armies Wargame Miniatures Home Page

Now lets hope he does some Chaos Dwarfs!


Yep and he’s also doing some awesome undersea stuff for Dragonblood Miniatures. Sort of cursed pirate crew/steampunk/cthulhu inspired monsters…




Lets see for how long it will be up and running this time…


It’s nice to see that he is back - but sadly all those lovely Scrunts seems to have been split into pieces.

Those Dragonblood sculpt are fantastic - think the Mr. Crab Claw would make an awesome unitfiller in my 3rd ed army :smiley:

And yes, Tjub, interesting to see - how this project turns out. Hope he has found the right format for his business, this time :wink:


Thanx Willmark for the find!

I always liked bobs minis!

Also the Dragonblood mini is great, awesome!

… there are so much cool minis … but no time and no money for them all … :frowning:


Kera foehunter:

thank grndl !! for the link some real cool stuff

i hope the olly site stays for a while