[Archive] Omissions of Magic

Thommy H:

Hey, that’s a good idea. And someone to summon them, perhaps?


Please consider the Elementals to be a part of my Storm of Magic List. Well done Thommy!


That was fast!

Cheers! love the rules, might try to build a fire elemental (or get ma hand on one of those original models if I can afford one)


Speaking of other omissions from SoM… (well not really an omission given that it’s FW and Chaos Dwarfs) but what about some ideas for Cataclysm spells for the new Lore of Hashut (or others)?

I drafted up a couple just for funzies so I could feel like my Chaos Dwarfs could give my mates a run for their money :wink:

Daemonsmith’s Bestowal (Presence) 15+ - infuses all friendly warmachines with daemonic essence for one turn. Each may turn to face any direction immediately.  During the Shooting phase misfires are rolled with a +2 modifier for the turn and hits cause Panic.

The Daemon Artificier’s Grand Design (Equilibrium) 20+ - Any buildings under control of the casting player that were removed or destroyed last turn are immediately replaced to the position from where it was removed.  If another building or incompatible terrain feature now conflicts with the placement or is within 1" of where the building would be placed the spell fails.

Portal to Hashut’s Diabolic Furnace (Dominance) 25+ - Magical vortex, similar to the Lore of Fire Magma Storm, except that if no casualties are inflicted during a turn as a result of this spell it will instead strike the nearest unit (friend or foe) with D3 S10 hits.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hashut’s Blessing: 45+ (Ultra-Dominance - Own all Fulcra) You win.

Thommy H:

I’ll leave the new spells to the FW list. We don’t even know for certain what the Lore of Hashut will be like yet - all there is so far is a draft version.


What about a ghorgon that has been ‘beefed up’ by some crazy deamonsmiths that has 4 robot arms and a instead of fur, have fire :smiley:

Thommy H:

Well, I don’t know about that, but maybe you can make something that represents it with these rules?


Very nice!

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I'll leave the new spells to the FW list. We don't even know for certain what the Lore of Hashut will be like yet - all there is so far is a draft version.

Thommy H
I highly doubt we'll see anything from FW for SoM anyway, so there's no harm in fans creating their own versions as far as I can see. They may just need a tweak once the FW list is out, that's all.

Thommy H:

Something from the last Storm we had around these parts.


Without a doubt, Boglars from the Gnoblar Hordes army list, crocodiles, Cathayan pandas and Norscan moose.

Thommy H:

Crocodiles seem like they’d be such a boring addition to Warhammer. Apparently not though…