[Archive] On the Warpath

The Immortal Beard:


We are currently running a home-brew campaign and my next opponent is High Elves. The points value is 1200 with an additional 300pts which can only be spent on monsters and monstrous units.

Tentatively I am thinking of taking:

Daemonsmith; lvl1 w/ metal (I’m thinking of bringing the Chalice but not sure on his kit yet) - will be back with the Hellcannon for re-rolls.

Castellen BSB; Black Hammer, Enchanted Shield, Potion of Speed

25 IG with Blunderbusses (Cast. goes here of course) (center line)

20 Hobs w/ bows and shields (gap coverage/chaff)

20 Hobs (chaff)

Hellcannon (flank/arty)

K’daii Destroyer (flank aggressor)

Any thoughts? My opponent faced me in turn 1 (1000pts) of the campaign when he was the aggressor…brought an all cavalry list and got smashed. He is out for blood and now he has the new Khaine book. Any advice would be appreciated.

OH! And on a side note, I’m holding second place currently behind our Lizardmen player. Hashut has smiled on me so far…just trying to keep the momentum going.


I would take only the bare minimum in core for this match (25-30 infernals without blunderbuss and one units of hobgoblins with bows). Invest in a rocket (for large templating squishy elves) and a magma cannon (to burn them to death) those two would greatly assist you in the overall battle. Keep your castellen cheap, I am unfamilliar with how much his cost is right now but right off the bat potion of speed is a complete waste in virtually every situation on our dwarfs, and his survivability should be your main priority perhaps give him a talisman of endurance and enchanted shield for s 2+/5++. Keep the K’daii and the Hellcannon, cant go wrong with those. Take the chalice, and lore of fire imo.


If your opponent is running khaine stuff, you must use the new magic rules. Might want to leave out chalice given 4D6 power dice. Fire is probably your best bet given smaller units, though death could be useful if you know your opponent is running a lot of characters given the 50% lords and heros…

The Immortal Beard:

Good points! I’ve never played against anything from the combined lists in Khaine, so I have no idea what he might bring. Since I am the aggressor for this scenario, he gets to choose the scenario. I’m pretty sure he won’t choose Battle for the Pass and risk a gunline tearing him to pieces. He also probably wouldn’t choose Watchtower since dwarfs are so hard to shift. It is a mountainous terrain hex so there will be at least 3 hills.

@Sam:  Do you think I should take the razor standard if I drop the BB? I’ll drop the potion and go with survivability as you suggest.

@Thor:  Don’t some elf units have some sort of “fireborn” rule that grants a ward? He mentioned it in our last outing, but I only had 1 rocket so it wasn’t too big of a deal. I have never played Wood Elfs or Dark Elfs so I am not even sure what might get tossed at me or their rules. My ignorance of his options really is making me second guess my list building for this match-up. Oh yeah, you are correct…hmm…the new magic rules are something I have not used at all yet. This could be interesting.


The only thing I know that is resistant to fire is the flame pheonix, and the dragon princes. Yes, perhaps the razor standard, but make up your new list so we can see what you are packing.