[Archive] One games day in America next year


For anyone who didn’t know


Seems stupid to me, as I’m sure they must get back more in revenue than it costs, maybe not a huge profit, but enough. Pure guesswork though.

Gar Shadowfame:

if they had profits they would have done usual more than1, so if they are deciding for 1, they couldnt have profits on GD


I heard this too. Apparently an economic decision…

I am not sure if the revenue is that great but I do know it is a massive undertaking to get everything arranged.


GW US sucks. they can’t even get a simple tournament up.


There’s a difference between not much profit and a loss.  Considering the profit margin they must make on all the stuff they sell, the ticket prices as well, you would think they must make a fair bit of money.  Alas we will never know for sure.

I think it’s probably because after this year (when all 3 were quite quiet apparantly), they figured they would save money simply to throw it all into one.

Of course half the people may decide not to go, and the golden daemon would be a lot busier.


Well, even less reason for me to go. I only went this year because I had heard things were changing and I hadn’t been in 3 years. I can’t see myself driving or getting a plane/train ticket to Baltimore to go to this.

My guess is that they’re trying to make the format more like Blizzcon - a convention which is about everything GW and is more of an exclusive/status symbol. “Wow, you’re going to Games Day? Cool…”


Well they broke the promise that Games Day would be returning to LA after missing it this year. Don’t they realize they have a bunch kids playing that their parents can’t afford to take them to Baltimore for the weekend.

The cost of Games Day should be out of their advertising budget and if they wish to grow the game they should have more not less. Pay for smaller halls, get clubs to do the demos of each game. GW regional employees handle a painting workshop (will cost for models/paint/brushes), Golden Daemon, giveaways and talks/Q&A. They should be able put on several regional Games Days, I think I would do it like this (Alternate betweens cities):

New York/New England (Boston, NYC)

Mid-Atlantic (Baltimore but maybe even Philadelphia and Charlotte)

South-East (Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa)

Central States (Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, maybe even Kentucky and Ohio)

South (Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, Oklahoma City and maybe Nebraska)

West (LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix)

North-West (Portland, Seattle, Boise)

Canada East (Toronto, Montreal)

Canada West (Vancouver)


They should hold more tournaments in their stores. Depending on the size of the store $5-10 for entry. $5 for smaller stores, $10 for large ones (like the bunkers) where turnout will be bigger.

4 equal prizes: Best Overall, Best General, Best Sportsman, Best Appearance. The prize being 25% of total admissions. It pays for itself (in terms of prize support).

Edit: or three prizes to discourage cheese: Best overall (50% of admissions) and Best Appearance and Sportsman getting 25% each.


Living over here, you don’t really realise how big some countries are… what a pain :expressionless:


At least you guys have a Games Day…

black hammer:

I’ve never been to a games-day anyway. I live way to far away.

The Brain:

Personally I think this is a better idea. This is how it was in the past. During the 90�?Ts there used to be only one Gamesday in the US. I think when they had only one it was a better quality of event. When Gamesdays started popping up everywhere they really started to go down hill. For a while I went to everyone for 10 years strait and I met people from all across the US and Canada, so I don�?Tt think it will be too much of a problem it there is only one.


I agree to a degree Brain.

It’s been years since I went to historic con in PA, but I do make Little Wars in IL a lot. Both events allow me to game with people I never otherwise game with.

Kera foehunter:

what sucks that all the contest here are over 6 hour drive for me

then to go into a crowed places elbow to elbow

where nothing is dicounted that just plain maddness!!

not even a shoe store close