[Archive] Onii's very first chaos dwarfs

Onii One Orc:

I picked up some BFSP Thunderers yesterday and attempted to make them into chaos dwarf blunderbusses.  The terrifying results are the images you see below.  :)  

What I’ve found needs the most work is the beards, which are surprisingly difficult to do.  I haven’t yet added scale armour, and the one fellow still needs a helm/mask, but otherwise I think they’ll look decent once painted up.  Practice is expected to make better results.

I’m not sure how happy I am with the mask that has the vertical bars, but I do like the way the other came out.  I used a toothpick for that, and had some idea of making the holes look like spider-eyes, just by their placement.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I agree, the one you used the toothpick for is nice. Good work!

Though I like the beard on the other just a tiny bit more.

Nice start! You’re doing much better then I did when I started.

Ogranoth blackhammer:

how did you do the mask?

Onii One Orc:

The mask is simply a thin sheet of green stuff slapped onto his face and shaped into a smooth section. I took my sculpting tool and did a smooth vertical cut on each side to get the edges straight, after I’d pressed the front smooth. The way I see it, it’s like a non-removable visor that’s actually part of the helmet. For the one with the eyeholes, I took a toothpick and wet the end in water, and then simply poked holes where I thought they should go.

The vertical mask is done the same way, except the slashes were made with my sculpting tool. That one still needs practice…

If I remember right, on one of the dwarves I took off his face and eyebrows with my x-acto before applying the mask, on the other I didn’t. I’m not sure yet that it matters that much, though.

Also, it’s hard to tell in the pics, but the green stuff mask doesn’t cover his entire helmet, it stops just a bit below where the crest of the helmet would be.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any more questions, and I’ll try to be helpful. I’ll also continue to post updates here, as I finish/continue each dwarf.

Kera foehunter:

Dude!!! i really like the masks!! thanks for you imfo on them to


Excellent! I like the masks! :slight_smile:


Nice style! If you do not mind I’d like to give you some suggestions:

1) beards: I ue a techinque very slow but really effective, just make a sausage of GS per each strand of beard. Apply one strand per time and start to sculpt the beard. Be careful, start from the center, then the sides. This will help you to keep the “round” shape of the strand, becasue pressure from the sides will help to not flatten the strand.

Use quite hard GS (more blue).

If you check my Bluebeards army blog you could find some nice results :slight_smile:

2) masks: spider mask is really cool! Try to get a metal point tool, it is better than wood.

Vertical one: why do not try to cut the vertical bar from hardened GS? They’ll be better. Many people do underestimates the potentials of sculpting harden GS! :hat

Keep on with your good work!


Ogranoth blackhammer:

how thin is thin? like a quarter of a CM?

Onii One Orc:

Ogranoth: Yeah, that sounds about right. It’s enough to cover the face and still sculpt eyeholes and such without grazing plastic underneath.

(I’m guessing you’re asking about “thin” in regards to the masks.)

Ogranoth blackhammer:

yes i was. thanks. just tried it. turned out semi ok (beginner to GS)

i’ll post pics in my blog in a few


your lines are very clean… they look great.

maybe a little more detail? if you do then painting them will be that much better with more crevices for low lights, etc :slight_smile:


Keep it up!

I want to see them painted! :slight_smile:



I agree with them all, keep them coming and let us see them painted :slight_smile:


They look great - even more so for a first attempt


A good job on the masks! For the vertical bars one, I’d suggest you make the bars smaller next time - cut them off at about half-way from their current top.

As for the beards, I’d recommend you read this.


With CD’s, you either pick it up quick, or need to work on it. I’d say that everyone here picks it up quick!

I like the slash-marks mask, but the beard should be a bit straighter with the dreadlocks.


My beards have been flattening out like that too. Does anyone know how to keep them rounder, like on the original bighat models?

Captain Crayon:

I also want to see the painted results :slight_smile:

as for keeping them rounder, how about rolling the greenstuff, slapping it on then letting it set then maybe filing/cutting the ridges into it


Perhaps, before you get those vertical lines in the mask, you form the mask the way you want… LIke the visor on Templars helm… after you’ve got the complete mask done, then come back and cut in the vert vents. I think what happened is that you put them in before the mask was complete and before it dried some and it pushed the mask flat…

I could be wrong, but I get impatient too.