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So in my spare time I like writing short stories for Warhammer fantasy armies (other then painting, building and playing my armies), I really enjoy the fluff/lore so a write, I’m not the best writer by all means but I would like to think I’m average and not to bad at it

So here it is, it isn’t finished but I thought I would post what I’ve got typed down so far and would like to see what you guys think. I’ll take any kind of tips, be it criticism or praise .

Onto Grasslands

Page 243, 510th entry of the Grudge book of Thane Forik Grimhammer, Regent Lord of Varag Kadrin (Mad Dog Pass).

Fifteen years since this entry found its way into one of the many grudge books, fifteen years since the loss of Thron Terik and his unit of Hammerer Elite were lost east of the World�?Ts Edge Mountains. Gone without a trace, nothing but ash trails from the spot of which they were last seen or heard of. Only shortly after they were reported missing, Dwarfs among their holds began to nickname them, the �?~Black Ones�?T. Forik could only assume that they were captured by goblins of the Mad Dog tribe, then, slain my greenskin hands. What he did not know, was how wrong he really was.

What is known however is that Thron Terik and is Hammerer bodyguard left the safety of their mountain homes to scout the area east of Mountains to look for Mad Dog goblin raiding parties that have been wreaking havoc amongst the Dwarf farmlands. However, this is was the only record that was kept.

15 years ago �?" Year: 2498, two months after the �?~Battle of Jaws�?T

�?oCome on lads, only a few more hours and we can make the travel back home!�?� Thron said with a loud but eager voice�?�. His men gave out a forced cheer, they were exhausted, three months away from home, heavy losses, and the ale bins have been dry for 7 weeks. His men were more than ready to be back in their hold. �?oThis mission was only meant to last 1 month, but those damn greenskins cut us off from the pass after they ambushed some of our clansmen back home, damn them�?� Thron said to himself. However, news got back to him that this battle dubbed, the �?~Battle of Jaws�?T was over and it was safe to return home. What he had forgotten to tell his men though, was how far they really were from home. An extra two and half month�?Ts travel brought them far out of Mad Dog territory, the goblins they were chasing, had either got away and escaped into the surrounding forests or ran into another unknown foe, this was weeks ago, but he knew he couldn�?Tt return home at that time so he had to keep his men�?Ts spirits high. They were now, deep into the Dark Lands. His advisors nor is scouts had maps that stretched this far. They were lost, tired and very vulnerable, and he knew this well.

A few more hours went by, and Thron gave the order to turn back, they were finally heading home. Some of his men were realising the unfamiliar terrain that surrounded them, and were wondering where they were. �?oGatekeeper Thron, I don�?Tt remember Mad Dog Pass looking like this, or the area around it�?� one of the Hammerers asked confused.

�?oDon�?Tt worry lad, just keep a watch out, don�?Tt let your guard down, these green bastards could be anywhere�?�. He said sharply. He knew there were almost no Orc and Goblin tribes for miles. What he did know however, that he and his men were now in unknown territory, and with the state they were in, he did not want anything to do with the things that could be out there.

A few more hours past, and the Thron and his men stopped to rest for the night, and began to set up camp. It was nearing dusk, when, strangely. The smell of coal and ash could be sensed. Thron, walked around the camp to see where this smell was coming from, none of the men had set up a coal fire, and they sure as hell didn�?Tt bring a furnace on their travels. Thron sent out his scouts to see what was going on, the smell was getting stronger and Thron was starting to become nervous. A half an hour went by and his scouts returned, running back with fear in their faces, he knew this face to well. �?oWhat is it?�?� Thron asked nervously. �?oWe… we�?Tre not sure, goblins sir, that�?Ts for certain�?�.

Within about five minutes, Thron rallied his men, and went off to see what these goblins were planning. Throns�?T scouts guided him and his men near a steep tree line, soot was falling all around them like a blizzard, most Dwarfs were used to this back home, but from what Thron knew, there weren�?Tt any other Dwarfs for hundreds of miles. As they traversed up the hill, the familiar smell of goblin stench hit Thron, it was foul, but this was no ordinary greenskin stench, it had a much more putrid tone to it, regardless, they were just on the other side and he had to ignore this smell and quick. Thron told his men to lie low while he was going to check what the situation was. What Thron was about to see next, was going to change his life forever.

As Thron peered through a small opening in a bush, he saw at least thirty or more goblins walking in two Coolum�?Ts beside a small dirt trail, what was behind them however, was something Thron had never seen before, it wasn�?Tt greenskin, or anything he has seen before, so what? In his sights were three great, blackened things that Thron could get a mental grasp on, they looked somewhat Dwarfish, they were tugged by giant wolfs. The crewmen looked liked Dwarfs as far as Thron could tell, but their faces grey, and their eyes beamed red. Then Thron thought, �?oNo, it can�?Tt be, the �?~lost ones�?T?�?� as those words crept in his mind, he was brought back to when he was back home and the stories he was told about these lost ones. Many centuries ago, during the �?~Coming or Time of Chaos�?T there were Dwarfs that migrated east to the �?~Mountains of Mourn�?T and settled there, the Dwarfs back west thought that their eastern cousins had been swept away by the forces of Chaos, but this was not true, they were only mutated, at a very small degree, by not just their bodies, but their souls blackened, hearts and minds filled with malice and hatred. However, these Dwarfs do know about their western cousins indeed. Thinking they abandoned them when the forces of chaos closed in around them, hating there breathern for doing so.

Thron was thinking several things through. If he attacked, it wasn�?Tt just black and white; he wasn�?Tt sure what the true strength of enemy was, but if he stayed and waited, there was a chance that he could be spotted. (Thron was however, in quite a good tactical position, he could have ambushed this band of Dwarfs and Goblins without too much worry, he had a throng about one hundred strong, and the enemy was in fact, only about seventy to eighty strong, the rest of the force was held back by a few miles, and the goblins were half the size and strength to add, so Thron had an overall advantage.) Thron gave himself a moment to think things through. He then decided to wait. He was worried about the fatigue of his men and wondered if they were at a true fighting strength. So he waited. Moments went by, then blackish figure towards the back let out a harsh command, the column stopped, this figure, who Thron assumed to be the leader, started to walk towards the bush Thron was hiding in. Thron began to worry, if he was spotted, a battle could commence that his men might not be ready for. This greyish Dwarf began to look above the position Thron was in then let out in a harsh voice �?oI smell a snake�?�, his eyes then glowed red as he looked down at the bush Thron was in, the bush suddenly turned to ash, giving Thron away and making himself full view of his enemy.

Throns�?T Hammerers began to rush up the hill, sensing the danger. Then this Dwarf began to speak again �?oLike lambs to the slaughter?�?� he said with chaotic glee.

�?oShut your mouth ye filthy dark cure, or I�?Tll remove the damned thing myself�?� Thron said loudly. Oddly though, he gave the signal for his men to stand down and not engage this unknown Dwarf or force.

�?oThey listen good, interesting isn�?Tt?�?� the Dwarf said, Thron stared at him with intent, not sure what to say next.

�?oWhat hold?�?� the Dwarf said with almost a frown. Thron was confused and didn�?Tt want to tell him, but he felt something that almost made him choke his words out

�?oKarak Azul, and why ye be needing to know such a thing?�?� The Dwarf did not answer; his eyes instead began to wonder, it looked as if he was thinking of the past, �?oWas he one of us?�?� Thron thought with a confused pity

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