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Pyro Stick:


you dont allow “snipers”??

so I cant bid at the end of the auction? Surely thats what ebay is all about? I sometimes just stick a bid in and leave it and I sometimes wait till the final minute and stick it in then. Are you saying thats wrong?

At the end of the day if the guy who had the 2nd highest bid was willing to go higher than me then surely he should have put a higher bid in?

“Sniping” in at the end of an auction achieves nothing if you still dont bid a higher price than everyone else.

I think you take this too personally.

Pyro Stick:

Oh God its that guy again. Why doesnt he realise that Sniping puts the price up!!! What an idiot!

Kera foehunter:

that why i don’t bid on stuff like this !! everyone will do this at the last seconds


Ah, but telling people he will be ending it early means they will put in the higher snipe bid well before the end of the auction, driving the price up that way.

Banning bid snipers in the future is counterproductive, but I think he is only saying it so that it will stop people from doing it at the last minute, instead doing it earlier, bumping up the price as above.

Auction psychology is pretty interesting.


I think he needs to get over himself.

End of day highest bid wins my auctions, snipe or not.


I think he needs to get over himself.
Exactly.  Waiting until the last second is sometimes the only fun you can get on eBay.