[Archive] orc substitute



I want to build an all metal big hat army using the ravening hordes rules. I have most of the units covered, the one unit I’m having an issue finding metal models for is orcs. What would you guys think if I used bloodletters as a proxy. I could make a unit filler with a sorcerer summoning them. Let me know what you guys think.



Bloodletters is a good idea. Daemons are slaves and raw material for the Chaos Dwarfs to use, after all. :hashut


Yeah I think the animosity would transfer of very well to represent the fact that daemons would not like being bound to fight in the normal realms.

Which orc models are you struggling to find? The current plastic (and everything since gorkamorka) is terrible in my opinion. I love the old metal savage orcs.


That could work very well. I would add loads of chains to the miniatures and perhaps even between some of them - since two will often die each round anywas, and even as many as four. That will symbolize their slave status very well.

Should be possible to find old metal black orcs though or savage orcs. Savage orcs will make nice slaves.


Thanks guys for your input. I went ahead and bought a juggernaut of khorne and the rider from a great taurus. I’ll make the unit filler from that. Eventually I’ll get the bloodletters. I never really considered the savage orcs before. When I do another unit I’ll probably get those. Here’s a link to the solegends with a picture of the old orcs I was looking for, Orc Boyz