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Just John:

Hi all,
I have the following Orcs & Goblins for sale. More pictures can be seen here https://picasaweb.google.com/109637234014502504652/NightGoblins?authkey=Gv1sRgCImtu_-JiL71LA

Buyer pays for postage. I live in Ireland but will post worldwide. Prices are sterling and I accept Paypal only. You can pm an offer on any of the items or ask for price and we can go from there. Prices are negotiable.

I  am on eBay under b0ne_d1gger where I have 100% rep.

2 x Night Goblin Shaman (metal) SOLD
1 x Goblin Shaman (metal, OOP) £2
1 of each shaman damaged (metal) SOLD
1 x Night Goblin Musician (OOP, metal) £2

1 x Grimgor Ironhide (metal, painted) £5
1 x Wurzzag on Boar (metal, painted) £6
1 x Orc Warlord on Boar (metal, unpainted) £7

Core Units
19 Forest Goblins incl 3 command (metal, OOP, mostly unpainted) £2 each £2.50 each for the command

25 Night Goblin Spears incl command (plastic, painted & mostly assembled) £10
20 Night Goblin Bows (plastic, painted, assembled) £10

7 x Whirling Death (Fanatics?) (metal, unassembeld) £2 each
3 x Netters SOLD

10 x Goblin Wolf Riders (Plastic, assembled, unpainted) £10

17 Orc Boyz/Arrer Boyz (Plastic)

20 Orc Boyz (Plastic, Painted)

1 x Orc Standard Bearer (metal) £3

Special Units
19 x BlackOrcs, including 2 x Standards (metal, undercoated or painted) £3 each

1 x Savage Orc Boar Boy (metal, unopened blister) £5
1 x Savage Orc Boar Boy with standard/music (metal, plastic boar) £5

1 x Orc Boar Chariot SOLD
2 x Spear Chuckas SOLD

Rare Units
1 x Doomdiver & Catapult (metal, OOP) £4
2 x Doomdivers & front of catapult (metal, OOP) £5
Crew of current Rocklobber SOLD

1 x O&G Giants (metal, unpainted)  £10

I also have some extra bits including spider riders bases (no spiders or riders) and 40 Wolf Rider shields

Thanks for looking


PM sent

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