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I started a Nurgle WoC army a while ago, and have picked it up recently :slight_smile: Dunno what else to say, so here’s some models:

My army general, the Fly King. I made this guy ages ago, and he’s actually finished painting now - just need to do the Nurglings carrying him as well…

A Marauder Horsemen Musician:

And my Chaos Giant, which I have been working on today and yesterday:


Finished model (though obviously still needs paint):

Tongue detail:

That’s about it really, hope you like 'em cause there’s plenty more on the way :cheers



niiiiiice!, they are awsome!, the maurader head is a bit big but i love the giant and his nurgly sword, the flylord cool to absolutly disgusting as he is supposed to be, good luck painting them!,


Shame the pics are so small :(.  The fly king looks very nice, where is his head from?

The Giant, does he have a massive tongue out of his body? Ne needs some teeth as well.


its difficult to not get fun and creative with nurglistic conversions, looking forward to seeing paint on those… or maybe some bigger pics. really liking the giant.


Very nice conversions. The theme seems so nurgley it’s perfect. Two thumbs up from this hobbeist.

Kera foehunter:

great work E C like your perfect green stuff work


Woah darn disgusting which is what I assume you were going for!


Yet again your originality astounds me. I thought at first this might be something to do with Micheal Moorcock

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the upgrade of the Fly lord to Fly King :wink: He originaly could’ve een an island :wink: (Lord of the Flies.) Still, excellent work. Loving the giant. A LOT of greenstuff in it! Which is good, since Nurgle’s colour is green :smiley:

Willmark, that head is from the Chaos Spawn srues.


Thanks for your kind comments :slight_smile: The head from the general is indeed from the Spawn sprue.

Bigger pics, eh? Here’s the Giant again, hope that’s better?

Also, I made some flyheaded Chaos Warriors yesterday:

Not sure why the Champion has no flyhead, and the standard may need more work on it - still, I’d like to know your thoughts :slight_smile:



Ehrm, they look disgusting… :wink:


VERY nice work my friend! You might have given me an idea how to make more plaguebearers…

Ehrm, they look disgusting… :wink:

So… you’re saying they look awesome?!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Those flyheads are coming along epically! Good choice of conversions on the standard and the weapos. What’s the scythe from? The zombie sprue? Excellent lad for giving us the close ups on the giant :wink: Why has the champion got no flyhead? Mayhaps give him the mandibles, wings, antennae etc? Also, if you need help for giant mandibles, the spiderlegs from the BfSP spiderriders are excellent!

Kera foehunter:

great fly heads !!So which one the lord ??

lord of the fly heads


Thanks people :slight_smile:

tjub, thanks :cheers Swiss, go for it on your Plaguebearers - they’re not hard to do, and Warhammer needs more flyheads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: HB, the scythes are both from the Zombie sprue, and the Flagellant sprue. I tried giving him insect stuff recently, but gave up as his weapons kept getting in the way - I’ll just leave him as he is. Kera, this one’s the Fly Lord/King:

Nearly done painting, too :slight_smile: Just some details and the base to go (even though I’m not entirely happy with the Nurglings - probably Grimstonefire’s fault, having seen HIS nurglings :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, C&C are really appreciated.



amazing army EvilClown your gs work is so good as cant wait to see more of the army


Nice paint job man. Extremely disgusting and plague ridden, exactly how nurgle stuff should be. Keep it up man.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I thought they were :wink: So, not going to do ANYthing to him? That’s not like you :wink: Take his weapon arm out, sort out the guy’s noggin or make him more flyular and then reattach his arm where it’s more apporpriate in its position :wink:


Thanks for the comments :cheers

HB, nevah! He’s staying right as he is! :stuck_out_tongue:

On a different note, I finished some Plague Knights:

Hope you like, me make more soon :smiley:


Hashut’s Blessing:

Why no changes?! What happened to the Evil Clown I know so well?!?

Looking good. Very excellent. Any other additions? mayhaps to the horses?