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I was wondering, as I have stumbled across a couple of you, who here makes and sells or would sell Chaos dwarf models that they have sculpted?

Is there a section on this website that has a page that shows all the people that make and sell Chaos dwarfs?

I cant seem to find one.

Maybe one should be added with a list of people and there websites.

I think this would maybe help some of the new players interested in chaos dwarfs building up an army and some of the existing players adding character to there armies.


I don’t think there are at the moment, but we’d certainly welcome anyone producing some good non-GW Chaos Dwarfs


I am always open for business :slight_smile:

I do a fair few green stuff sculpts of characters and leaders, some also ask for whole units converted up. Been doing it for a few years now, have made everything from undead to lizardmen. Mostly its single models, all green stuff. PM me if you want anything in particular.

Am also looking at casting up some of my own figures, all sculpted so the copyright is firmly mine. Obviously they will be quite different to GW’s, but usable in games nonetheless.

A page with people available for commissions sounds like a nice idea (at least to me :)).

Thommy H:

I believe this is the thread you’re all looking for.


Thanks Tommy,

Thats a very impressive list!

I wish they would make a page on this website with links to all these so it would be alot easier for people to find and buy non-GW Chaos Dwarfs.

Has anyone found a favourite chaos dwarf in these lists?


the mutant dwarves which i might incorporate into my army, and most definetely the twisted tales dwarves of myth are almost marauder reproductions, once i get the cash i will simply have to purchase the dwarves of myth… one even has a blunderbuss

Hashut’s Blessing:

Baggronor, make sure you actually copyright them then. It’s your intellectual property, but you don’t own the copyright as there isn’t one.


You automatically gain copyright on anything you make, as long as it isn’t a copy of something someone else has done.


i beg to differ

Hashut’s Blessing:

You have to buy the copyright of it.


I disagree. Please support your positions. Here’s mine. Although it covers US copyright, the European situation is pretty much the same: http://www.copyright.com/ccc/viewPage.do?pageCode=cr10-n

Here’s a quote from it:

The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently misunderstood. Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created, and a work is “created” when it is fixed in a tangible form, such as the first time it is written or recorded. Neither publication, registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright, although registration is recommended.

The use of a copyright notice is no longer required under U.S. law, although it is often beneficial. This requirement was eliminated when the United States adhered to the Berne Convention, effective March 1, 1989 . Should the copyright holder elect to utilize a copyright notice, he/she may do so freely without permission from or registration with, the U.S. Copyright Office. In fact, the use of a copyright notice is recommended as it reminds the public that the work is protected by copyright.


ok evryone listen,we are all right in a sense, in order to protect your copyright, say someone steals your idea, and you want to sue them for taking your copyright idea… your going to need to prove that it was originally your idea…thus, as mentioned above, “In fact, the use of a copyright notice is recommended as it reminds the public that the work is protected by copyright.”



Baggronor, do you have a website with your works on there?

I would love to have a look at your models but it would be good to share with the forum as well and might help get you some buisness while your at it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It must have been the registration that I was thinking of then. It just proves it is yours, whereas if you don;t have it, it is nigh on impossible…


I’m an illustrator and I can assure you, the copyright on anything you create is automatically yours unless you sign it away (copyright and patents act 1988 I believe.) I also get the impression copyright is a bit shakier in the US than in the UK where I am.

To be honest copyright disputes rarely seem to be hard fought, (at least in the industries where I work). The company I work for make a killing out of tracking down people who have used their images without permission and suing them. You can apply for proof of copyright, buts thats mainly to establish a record of the date. Owning the original is enough unless there is some kind of other contracts involved (this is why Illustrators should never hand over originals).

www.calibancomics.com is my website, but its all illustration for the moment. I’m working on a range of miniatures with the intent of setting up a small company but this won’t be for a while.

My CDs are here:



Hey Baggronor, I actually recognize some of the comic work shown there! I think my comic artist mate from a while back might have shown them to me once…

Nice going! :cheers:


hehe cool :slight_smile: