[Archive] Ork Rokkitz to death rocket?


Now browsing on the games workshop site I came across something that was relatively well priced and well wouldnt the ork rokkitz. The set itself contains seven metal items with the prose of allowing you to put the ork rokkitz on your Ork things well Id reckon the thing would make a awesome death rocket rig or a few.

ork rokkkitz

Part Code:  99060103135


Nice find, those look perfect for building some death rockets.


Good find, go for it! (and show us pics, always show us pics)


Looks very promising!  :hat off

Has anyone a painted one?

I would like to see it finished and painted before buying!

Yes indeed … cool find! :cheers



i used a the forgeworld rokkitz ( the one similar in the top right corner) with my Death rockets, although i didn’t use as it and made them into the rockets themselvers. i think they turned out alright.

Kera foehunter:

so are you planing on having them fire off like how a rocket ship Blasts off

or launched like there being fired from some mounted platform like a cart or canon bace?