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Lord maklai:

OK everyone now I’m by no means a professional sculptor but i am alright at sculpting, and recently I’ve had high in the sky dreams of designing my own ork multi part plastic kit, but i’m not especially good at sculpting orks and do not know how to design something that would make a multi part plastic and what materials i would be allowed to use (i use super sculpey and green stuff) So if anyone knows where to start on scratch sculpting orks please share your insight!

So if you wouldn’t mind giving any sculpting tips, advice on how to design a multi part kit and how to sculpt orks in particular then please give me a hand it would be very much appreciated:cheers:cheers

I’ve posted this on da waaagh forum and this is just a copy and paste and i’m not sure if i’m allowed a non chaos dwarf topic here but if you could help, please do!


In regards to making the actual sprue, I would recommend that the arms are cut at the shoulder (incidentally like most Warhammer Empire infantry). This allows a wider range of arm positions; therefore variety. A simply swap of one arm type for another also means that you still keep the same base torso.

Anyways pay attention to the Empire Militia (and why not, Orc core unit) sprues when making your own sprue–the concept of the division of head, torso, independent arms, leg pair is really clever and it makes sense, anatomically.

Lord maklai:

Ok thanks!:hat off:hat off

My other problem is deciding just exactly what it will be i was thinking some kind of or big mek or boss any ideas?


What game will it be for? What universe?

Would you want to do a whole infantry kit or just a character?

If it’s a character and you’re thinking in terms of 40k/warhammer fantasy, why not trying to model a rare or inexistant model/special character? There would be a stronger purpose.

For instance, in the new Beastmen army book, there are many monsters that don’t have models to represent them. Jabberslythes, Ghorgon and Cygor to name a few (special characters as well). Well if someone was to make a model for one of those and then advertise said model to the masses (and especially to the Herdstone forums) he’d surely have some potential sales if that was the goal…

Try fulfilling a need that is a “blatant hole” in the current GW availability of models, if you want to make orcs for a GW game.


Seeing as I’m in the process of making a multi part set of models, I can be of some use here.

What I’m doing is sculpting legs, torso, arms and the head all separately, but a tiny bit smaller than they need to be, and without any details on.

The important thing for me is that the joins are all exactly the same, so parts from any model can be swapped.

These bits I’m casting myself, then using these as the basis for the actual model parts.

In terms of orks, something I think you need to consider carefully is the anatomy. GW models have a very specific ‘ork’ anatomy, and if you’re trying to sell into that market it would be wise to copy it.

I think you should do snakebites. Not many models of those around at all.


I think you should do snakebites.  Not many models of those around at all.

Savage Orcs is something people are clamouring for. The existing models are metal and some of the few goods choices in the list it seems.
Keeping in mind not to make them GW copies of course.