[Archive] Other than CD's what type are you?


@ loki - wow my wife think i have to much with three armies


I’ve got bits and bobs for most of the races - but main focus (other than CDs) has been on - surprise, surprise - Chaos (mortal and daemons) and dwarfs :smiley:


um, poll?

Sorry, typing 10 names took a while :p
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yes, and you did the same thing in my poll remember?


1x each of the 3 Chaos armies.

High elfs & Dark Elfs.

Dwarfs (that I don’t really use but are slowly making into CDs)

Orcs & Goblins since I might not get to use all those greenskins in CD, and always like them.

And a DoW project slowly building at an ever slower pace.

Technically I’m also doing a dual Pike and Shotte/ WHFB Empire army but since this was about models I didn’t vote for that.


My interest in CDs was to create DoW Dwarfs that would “fit” with my Skaven…

Of course, that’s all moot now there’s no DoW any more…


um, poll?

Sorry, typing 10 names took a while :p
This seems to be a bug with the site that when you first post, your post is visible before you finish the poll page.

yes, and you did the same thing in my poll remember?

Yup, and then i learned :-p


Bretonnians (4k) and Ogres (getting around 2k)

My CD’s are about 2k (though I don’t have any hobgoblins yet, apart from my BT-crew ofcourse)


I have
Chaos Dwarfs
Orcs and goblins
Dark elves
High Elves

all these armys are at leat 2000 points some going up to 6000

so just lizardmen, tomb kings , wood elves and beastmen to go :D

You sir.
You are my new hero.


I’m a few units of Ogres (500-600pts) mainly for Dogs of War for my empire army (10,000pts apprx)


There are "other" armies besides Chaos Dwarfs? News to me.

Says the guy that has the High Elf fetish and prominently shows it off to the rest of us CD enthusiasts... :)

I actually have 7. Some are really old. My high elves haven't been touched in 5 years probably; at least in terms of gaming with them.



Chaos Dwarfs

Slaanesh-themed Dark Elves

Samurai Undead (Mainly VCs, soon to be TKs too)


Slaanesh WoC

Slaanesh Beastmen (yeah, they used to be one army)


I’m actively working on Skaven.  My other ‘inactive’ armies are Dwarfs, and WoC (and CD).


I voted: Skaven, Undead, and Human (Empire in my case).

I voted for Skaven only because I love their steampunk style, and do have a decent sized army built.

However Undead (VC more so) are a favorite of mine. For many years I primarily played Vampire Counts, and I am finding I am loving them again in 8th edition. I love the converting you can do with them, the potential themes, the feels, the visual style, etc. There is just something cool about skeletons marching on an enemy. There really is.

http://gordondouglas.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/brueghel_triumph-of-death.jpg   Tell me that isn’t some cool imagery right there. Oddly enough, I’m hardly Goth… I just like the art style that goes with it.

There is just something inherently cool about the undead (again more so skeletons than zombies for me, and by a large margin). I love it, and I love the grim relentlessness of the undead. Thankfully they’re a bit of a challenge to use again, albeit still competitive.

Then I also collect Empire, specifically 6th edition era Empire. I love the poofy shirts, I admit. I have a red/black striped theme for the shirts and blue/red stripes for the pants. I have my army themed around the city of “Boodleburg”. They were my first army, and have a special place in my heart.

I also love Empire so much that my first and third VC armies were themed around undead Empire, in many ways being an undead version of my Empire army. The third, and current, VC army is updated to my current paint style (but slightly changed to be darker/more evil).

I’m looking forward to tinkering with my Empire again in the new edition. Plus I might collect 6E era figs here and there and build up a large army. Halberds and Spears now work much better for the Empire, so that’s exciting!

Alan the evil:

I always loved skinks… (no, not lizardmen: PURE SKINKS!!!) but in my continous moves I did’nt find anymore my skinks army!!

I had a lot of armies in the past: in 90’s in my club everybody had everything and each one was the guardian of one army…

Now I only have 3000 pt Chaos dwarfs but in my club I can play with full army of:



warriors of chaos (my second tournament army)



dogs of war

vampire count

high elves

ogres kingdoms


http://gordondouglas.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/brueghel_triumph-of-death.jpg   Tell me that isn't some cool imagery right there.

there isn't.
the link is broken.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Currently active are my Warriors of Chaos and my Chaos Dwarfs only.

I did collect Vampire Counts, Beastmen, Ogres and Dwarfs before, but these are now partially sold, partially stuffed away in a box in my cellar. If the Tomb Kings are any good they will certainly be on my “next up” list.

Thanks for not making me count all my 40k armies, BTW. :wink:


My other 'inactive' armies are Dwarfs, and WoC (and CD
).We'll pretend we didn't see that bit.


My other 'inactive' armies are Dwarfs, and WoC (and CD
We'll pretend we didn't see that bit.

Baggronoryes, i think that's the best thing to do right now...


i’ve put in humans (empire) and lizardmen (both my 3rd edition slann and normal lizardmen).

but i also have a host of 40K armies including Imperial guard (valhallans and Death korps), Sisters of Battle, Tau, Space Wolves, some Squat models, some Epic knights and Titans that i want to use as a space marine army and i’ve probably forgot a thing or 2

Border Reiver:

Bretonnia, Cult of Ulric and Kislev for the humans

The other dwarfs as well,

Plus some ogres.