[Archive] Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish


Has anyone tried out ‘Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish’?

I picked up the rules last night and am reading them now - looks like a lot of tabletop fun!




Looks like a DnD clone which isn’t strictly a bad thing. But i wonder if anyone now Roleplays i havnt met anyone for a long long time


My son and a small group of his friends do rpg’s. Since they’ve drifted away from WHFB


This isn’t really a roleplaying game (for example, there is no advancement, etc…) - it is focused on moving miniatures around and rolling dice to see if you hit them… which is all good in my book!

I’m looking forward to playing it.


I haven’t tried it yet, but I have my copy and I’m hoping to give it a go this week. It looks ace - I saw the book at Partizan a few weeks back and was sold after 10 seconds flicking through it.

For anyone that doesn’t know, it’s a Skirmish Wargame inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG’s. You can create a faction (with a lot of customization options) and lead them into battle against your opponent.

Your faction could be a band of legendary adventurers, a tribe of ogre’s, a group of bandits, a selection of evil creatures lead by a Beholder etc, etc. And you can set your games anywhere, in a dungeon, ruins, villages, caves etc. The rulebook includes scenarios for Goblins trying to burn down a village, an evil temple being overrun by monsters fleeing from the depths below and prisoners trying to escape from their Drow captors. But there is a lot of scope to do all kinds of fun stuff. I really hope they do some expansions. Bit of a shame it’s release has clashed with Frostgrave really, as this seems to have got the lion’s share of the attention.

There are a few threads popping up on the leadadventure forum for anyone who is interested.





PS - while we are on the subject of new fantasy skirmish games, I assume you guys have tried Frostgrave, right?


I am really liking what I have read so far - so much so, that I have planned on making some more terrain to go with it! I am hoping it will be an ‘entry game’ that will help me change ‘family movie night’ into ‘family game night’ - I hope my kids will enjoy it!