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Now this guy is about ogre yhette size so hes pretty big. but not quite done yet any c and c is always welcome.


What are you going to be using for, OK army figure? If I knew I could maybe give you a more informed opinion.

None the less I have no sculpting abilities what so ever, so I can say with confidence it’s better than I could do regardless.


Great job so far…but I think that’s just an odd choice of miniature to sculpt…don’t see too many Owlbears running around…:o


Boomkin!! :slight_smile:

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Give him eyelids (under the eye) works great. and dont forget his thumb (:

Keep us updated!


i think it looks fine, that’s a lot of sculpting work you’ve done.

i like all the ‘old school’ d&d monsters, and he’s a fine example




Now I don’t know if it’s the case or not but I seam to have gotten sculpters block. Now I’m reasonably happy with it this far but it’s the feet and claws and the crest on its head. I’m unsure what I should try. I like the tops of the claws but the bottoms make me feel a huge does of pooh. What should I do ? YesI have been going for a kind of Boomkin look to him but Im stuck now not knowing how to push him forward and get him to how id like him to look.

Kera foehunter:

sculptors block. it happens

i have a self of that type of stuff