[Archive] Paint Colour Question


I’ve just got some of my old Necromunda models out and want to re-paint them. My question is what colour were the eavy metal teams Delaque gangs trench coats? Is it yellow, orange, what? Any help would be much appreciated!


Err, technically, brown.

It’s on the yellow side of brown, but brown none-he-less.

Ghrask Dragh:

:~ might even be flesh?

It’s certainly a very light brown/flesh highlighted to white, which one though I’m not sure, good question? someone answer quick or it’s goingto drive me crazy!


Its brown highlighted to cream. I would go maybe vermin fur up to bleached bone… or whatever GW are calling them these days. The key is a warm basecoat so perhaps add extra orange to the brown.


Here’s the shot of some of my gang. I used straight Vomit Brown over a white undercoat.