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Hey everyone i would like to know what you think…i need your opinions! Im considering several different color schemes but feeling very indecisive. One thing is for sure each model will be painted in a different way (if youve seen the golden daemon winninggreen and red chaos dwarfs, how each one is different but keeping with the same colors) and theyre supposed to have an ancient persian/300 them:

1.black with bone color/ marbled effect

2. green with bone color/ marbled effect

3.the idea i am debating most is whether i should paint each and every dwarf with a different scheme, if youve seen the list of painted marauder chaos dwarf examples such as the one on stuff of legends, its a very old school concept

i would appreciate all of your feedback these arent the only options i am considering maybe if any of you have any golden daemon winning ideas haha (lame) i would love to hear them or any suggestions…anything, thanks



Well the black and bone would look great, but what colour would you use for the metal? Would there be a splash of red in there?


the metal? depends…all chainmail is metalic as it should be…but the armor would be black with of course grey highlights and the secondairy/not as often used color is the marble bone color (my chaos dwarfs wear basically full body armor like a chaos warrior does maybe a little chainmail here n there or some leather too) like i mentioned already if you have seen the golden daemon 3rd edition dwarfs(found in the pictures gallery on this site, im going for that look except black and marbled bone color, or the green and marbled color scheme instead of green and red, if not the old style ragtag theme where u basically aint each moddel however u feel at the time basically the scheme is no scheme


the black and bone sounds good. I don’t think I’d like the look of entirely unique characters. I mean, I think the same colour scheme with the parts painted differently on the minis (so they don’t look identical) would be cool, but entirely unique colour schemes per mini? that would be very difficult…

Viskar Zhragoth:

First, can be cool with the colors, though I’d go with some red on them.

Second, the only thing is to make them still look like units.

I went to Adepticon with a Dwarf army 2 years ago, painted in clan colors (lots of different colors in every unit) with just the trim/detials all painted the same way. I think the studio army was painted the same way. I was marked off because they didn’t think it was “army like enough”. Basically I followed the Army Book scheme and they weren’t familiar enough with it to see the army (every single model had the same blue/white bit (some units the sleeve ends, some the pant ends, some the shields some the helmets).

Don’t get me wrong, I still thought it looked like an army, but I guess I’d have taken more care to make my theme stronger and the differences less.

Hope that helps.


Kera foehunter:

Black and bone color would look kick ass if painted like gothic style

rusty ammor white skinn black beards and big ass army boots


i was thinking dark skin tone like ancient persian or african with whatever colored beards and a few with no beards…but majority of u cannot see the skin so im more concerned about beard colors so still looking ofr feedback on color schemes but now i guess cool ideas for the beards

baba yaga:

if you go for black and bone you should use a striking slash colour, could be blood red, some sind of purple, a bold blue…

perhaps you should give it a try and paint a couple of models, post some pics and will be able to give some more detailed advice. My feeling tells me black and bone wille be a tad flat