[Archive] Painted CD army for sale in Oz


Hey all,

Selling my army down here in Oz.

Here’s the link



have to sign up to see it :frowning:


This army was my baby for a long time but it is time to move on. The latest addition is the slave archer unit (counts as orc archers) completed last year but the rest was painted for 4th/5th ed fantasy battle. It comes with the original Chaos dwarf army book (the compelation of White Dwarf articles that introduced Chaos Dwarfs).

I’m looking for $1600.

Postage would be hideously expensive so pick up is preferred but will post if really desired (will get quote first but I would envisage around the $50-$80 mark at least as 99% of this is metal. I’m happy to meet people halfway if travel is an issue within reason.

I am not splitting and would really appreciate it if no-one would post “if you do split I want…”. I will not be splitting.

Onto the pics…

Da Crusha:

awesome looking army! I’d love to have it but unfortunately I’m not in the market to buy one.


awesome looking army! I'd love to have it but unfortunately I'm not in the market to buy one.

Da Crusha
Because then you're not stuck with an unpopular or "unsellable" partial of a themed army.

And it's easier to just get rid of it all in one go. Quick rip of the band-aid so to speak.


Moved to ebay



Excellent paint jobs and conversions, etc. Do you have any close-ups of the Blunderbuss unit? The muzzle on their weapons looks rather unique (in a good way)!



I can get some if you’re really interested. I drilled out all the blunderbuss muzzles and flared them out so they weren’t just flat bits painted black.