[Archive] Painting Blunderbusses

richard barby:

So with a big yank i have pulled my finger out and have finally started painting my old school tall hats chaos dwarfs. I made a huge mess of them when i was 11 and have not wanted to go anywhere near them for a long time but over the last 12 months(17 years later) i have painted up all my hobgoblins/goblins and i finally feel up to having a go at the chaos dwarfs.

Im happy with my warriors and and the bodys of the blunderbusses but i have issues with the blunderbuss its self im picking up a silver to give the guns a metalic look but im really stumped on when to do about the mouth of the guns i have tried yellow to tie in with the arrows on the hats and the strip on the side of the gun but it doesnt look very good any ideas ?

thanks Richard


maybe you could post some pictures as it would make it easier to give qualified advice ( and i also have troubles with my imagination :wink: )


I use gold and brass, so it still looks metallic but isn’t just silver.

richard barby:

thats a smart idea it could look really cool its shopping time i a day or so (for paint)

richard barby:

i have picked up bronze bolt gun metal and blood red. bronze on the muzzle and what would be moving parts of the blunderbusses look great

richard barby:

9 choas dwarfs finished 6 blunderbusses 3 warriors

base coat. black

big hat and body. mecrite red

boots bottom of body. beast brown

gloves. dark angel green

axe and blunderbusses. bolt gun metal with dwarf bronze over the details

face/hands. astronomicon grey with mix of astrnomicon grey and bleached bone over the top on nose and fingers

hats and body highlight with blood red

dwarf bronze over the top of the hats and any raised points on the hats and wepions

devlin mud over just about everything face wepaons body boots

white dry brush over the beards

thruaka green wash over any bronze to make them look dated

one weekend later done