[Archive] Painting challenge - anyone?


Ever Warhammer site seems to have a such - but we dont ??  Shouldn’t we do something about that? :smiley:

Anyone up for running a bi-monthly painting challenge?

Yes, we do have the Golden Hat - but why not also have a painting challenge. Just for fun - but also to give you something to aim for - and helps keep pushing on. Might also help you to improve yur skills, so why not?

We can’t paint dwarfs all the time - so why not have a painting challenge open for everything.

The challenge will have at theme - but a very broad/open one like: ‘Lets see your NMM’, ‘Give me blood’, 'back to the ‘80s’ or something complete different.

It’s then up to the participants to interpret the theme. Each participant then paint a miniature and post it (in a dedicated thread) before a given deadline (I’ll say 4-6 weeks after the challenge is given). You might even give us a few words, why you entry is cool and how you see it fits the theme (if needed) :smiley:

Anything could be allowed but lets keep it small at a start. So it can be Dark future, Victorian Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, history etc. - and all scales are allowed - it just have to fit the theme.

After that we run a 5 days poll. All member here can vote. Votes should be given to the best painted entry that interpret the theme best. After voting a´has ended it’s on with the next challenge.

So no shiny medals or other big prizes - but we could let the winner put down the next challenge.

So, anyone who is up for it?

Obviously, I am :smiley:


Sounds interesting, I do need to do some actual painting now and then.


I might! :slight_smile:

Time permitting of course but let’s see what comes up.


Bah! I find painting a challenge as it is, without making it into a competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t hardly be called a competition - just a fun idea to challenge you and your skills - to actually make you paint something :smiley:


Sounds good to me mate :slight_smile:


Only problem i have is that i prefe to buid in big blocks and i paint in big blocks to.

So trying to paint a unit say per week isn’t going to work for my style really.


Think we should aim for a 4-6 weeks painting period. Show painted stuff once a week is probably pushing it a bit to far.

And for unit size, well it’s open so do what you feel is right within the theme. This is not ‘do a chaos dwarf general standing on a max of 20x20mm base etc. type of thing’ (we’ll leave that to GH) - it’s simply just motivation to do some painting :smiley:

So if theme was ‘Show me blood’ you could do a pool of blood, 12 Hormagaunts with blood on their claws, a blood Prince, a nurse taking a blood sample - or a billion other things - it’s totally up to you - and what you make out of it.

Only conditions will be -

1) It has to be a miniature - no given scale, range, genre etc.

2) Everything has to be painted by you - and painted in the time period where the challenge was given (or at least not shown here before)

3) Well photographed - or as good as you can :smiley:

4) Posted in a dedicated painting challenge thread before deadline

Simple as that.

So no restrictions what so ever - and it’s up to member to judge - how well you interpreted the challenge.

And give me some suggestion what our first theme should be - and I’ll set up a poll for this - our first CDOPC #1.

Here is what came up in my head

Back to the '80

Dwellers below

Dead man walking

Lost and found


Bah! I find painting a challenge as it is, without making it into a competition. :P

<-- so does he.:~


I think it’s a great idea!

Back to the '80 sounds best to me, like to paint stuff older than me:P


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I read that as “NEW IKEA”


Don’t put down any restrictions, Warh :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the 80 could be anything - not just an old miniature - like paint a Heresy Predator mini, do a Rambo conversion, painting pastel colours - all up to each participant to interpret.

But yes, painting some old s*** is cool - but finding something older than me ??? :rolleyes: - well theme might be changed to 'Summer of ‘69’ then.

IDEA=IKEA - that is what comes from being a Swede :stuck_out_tongue:


it sounds like a good idea and a way to get me painting some more :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s a great idea. And Back to the '80s sounds like it would be pretty funny.


I feel “challenged” enough with my painting already!! :wink:


Fair enough :smiley:

Still think that the hobby side of CDO needs a kick start.

7 yes, 3 noes and a maybe - what do the rest 2270 says ?

Thommy H:

I’d be up for giving it a try, but I have limited time for the hobby, so it would have to fit into my current projects. In other words, I can’t commit to this 100%.


I am far too busy with other projects to take part I’m afraid.


Hey I’m all for painting and such… I just wouldn’t sign up to do anything more official than my army blog :wink:

If there was no deadline and it was just a “let’s see who can get the most converting and/or painting done in the month of November” and then the same thing in December, etc that would be fine.


i love this idea… i’m agree


Think the hobbyside of CDO needs a kick start. Everybody seems to be busy with everything else but CDs. So the challenge is only ment to give you current project(s) a little twist - and gain an insight into what your a currently working on.

I don’t ask for a 100% binding agreement here - just wahted to here if you think its a good or a bad idea - that’s it!

Of course I’ll hat to see if I was the only participant in the frist round - but also aware that such things needs a few rounds to set.

No one with any suggestions about theme. If not, then we’ll kick this on of with the “back to the '80s”-theme.