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Probably the wrong place to put this and probably totally unethical too but what the hell… VOTE FOR ME!! Check out the painting contest over on The Chamber of the Everchosen. My entry is the only Chaos Dwarf (and a pretty decent entry to if I can be parisan!) so support our faction and please vote for me!!

Time of Madness:

Do you happen to have a link to the contest? I’m assuming you entered the raging heroes model?

Time of Madness


Cheers ToM would be nice to have some CDO backing! Posted the link below and yes my entry is the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord on the Raging Heroes Lammasu



don’t forget to wote for me to :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry fella’s. I didn’t have time to enter myself, so I let my son put his marauder champion in instead. And as it was his entry he insisted that he should vote not me. So I couldn’t vote for either of you


@ Abecedar- that’s ok but tell him next time he’ll be sent to the slave pens!

And as for you Warh…fancy not entering a Chaos Dwarf…for shame!! Lol


And as for you Warh...fancy not entering a Chaos Dwarf...for shame!! Lol

It's a very tall chaos dwarf... without beard, on a dragon ;)


Come on my fellow Dawi Zharr… I’m currently in 5th place I need your votes! Do I need to start kissing babies??