[Archive] painting grass


Does anybody know if you can paint static grass (using the one from GW) and if so how can I do it?


you can (i’ve given it a go)

Keep the paint watery, if its to thick it’ll clump and make it look like bad eyeliner. - but a nice effect for a swamp

To then give it a two tone colouring, simply dry brush with a soft brush, and keep the amount of paint low, very low, otherwise it’ll clump.

Hope that helps.

You can also use spray at a distance to simply darken the grass.

that guy:

I may have to try that,I never even considered it because I just assumed it would make everything stick together and look bad.Yay for Nitro and his pioneering spirit.


You can also, if you have some spare and want to make matted fur, use it then spray it and make it clump, walla - short fur.
Did it on some old skool Hounds of Khorne to cover the gaping seams before I discovered the wonders of GS.