[Archive] Painting Masterclass


I was pondering and i thought that because we have so many conversion ideas and advice(thanks xander) we could have a section on painting articles and steps to paint whole units and characters in everyones style, step by step and the list of paints used.:idea


ooooh, good ponder zagor! I like that idea a lot because it’ll be easier, especially for someone who is just starting painting like me, to follow along… and learn new tricks and stuff. just like the casting tutorials or gs sculpting, etc. right? I still really want to learn non-metallic metals. hint hint

I vote YES! do eeeeet :wink:


http://www.jenova.dk has some good tutorials, including a NMM one, which i have been using to and i am improving using it.

i do think it would be cool to have step by step guides for basic unit types.

Kera foehunter:

good idea!!!if i had a decent camera.

Sojorn hold xander down untill he teaches you.

or get a tri color of reaper paints which are 9052 shadow steel 9053 horn steel and 9054 polish silver these are master series paints

they are greys that look so non- metallic.

after using reaper paints you thow away gw paints!!!

Pyro Stick:

I was thinking of making one of these since my colour scheme is pretty easy to do. I might give it a go if i can find a model that i havent started painting already.