[Archive] Painting Red Armor?


Hi, since I’m following the original 5th Ed. color scheme for my CDs, I need to know how to paint red armor that looks good. Please share your recipes here.

Also, how do you think I should paint the basic chainmail? Most of my troops have scale mail, but a few still have chain. Should I change it, or is there something I can do?

Pyro Stick:

What i used to do was paint all the scales red gore then ink them with browm ink. Then id drybruch the scales with red gore then with blood red. But it tends to get rid of the detail of the scale armour so i tend to spend more time on them now and paint each scale individually instead of drybrushing. For chainmail i jusy drybrush with Chainmail. I used ot do the boltgun with lack ink then drybruch with chainmail but then the paint job gets too thick


My Thoughts:

Use a foundation paint that is red. I’m not familiar with them too much but I have used one or two and they seem to work wonders for follow up colors. After that, depends on the red. But yeah, Red Gore is a nice deep color. Then I personally would ink diulted black ink over the job to give the recesses some nice shadows, then dry brush red gore again.

Next, a light gentle coat of diluted red ink, to make the scales nice and shiny, then a drybrush of blood red along with some highlighting of blazing orange in various spots.

Ghrask Dragh:

I’m going through the same thing, I have about 3 different armour types

- Red Gore, Red Gore/Blood Red, Blood Red

- Red Gore, Blood Red, Blood Red/Fiery Orange

- Red Gore, Blood Red, White*

The Blood Red paint, and any mixes of, are always watered down so thet are not too bright which I think the 'Eavy Metal ones were. The first combination works the best for me and will be the one I will use.

*The White, like all the third highlights above, are just dots on the armour like you would do when highlighting the reflection on a gem.


well, heres my red techniques

1- schorced brown, scab red, red gore, red gore + blood red (pure blood red is far to bright)

2- 1- schorced brown, scab red, red gore, brown ink

3- merichite red, merichite red + blood red


Thanks all. I’m thinking I’ll try Red Gore, a wash of black, then highlight Red Gore and final highlight of Blood Red.

My question for the chainmail was, since there is little on each CD that is metallic-colored, how do I paint chainmail without it standing out from the red scale armor of the others?

Also, can anyone give me a quick way to paint the black cloth?


Black cloth?


Try this.

Chaos Black base coat, black ink wash…let dry. Then mix your black with a tiny bit of skull white, or use a suitable grey…we’re trying to get the shadows here defined. Do a light, very light dry brush.

Then…something a bit odd. Find a nice blue ink…the more noticeable the better. Ink wash it with a diluted blue ink…we’re basically hoping that it will successfully “Bring out” The recesses and of shadows and give the cloth some depth.

Let that dry, then drybrush with a very soft and barely noticeable grey from the chaos black and skull white mix. Just a TOUCH lighter then backdrop color.

Another option that you can do is to base coat the cloth in a grey, then drybrush with chaos black and then an ink wash, and drybrush more black and do highlights.

Pyro Stick:

For black cloth i paint a basecoat of Chaos Black. Then i get this paint that i mix up which is a really dark grey. I used it on one of the Renegades armour. Just go to the thread and look at the pictures to get an idea of what the colour looks like. I would then Highlichg the CHaos Black with my dark grey colour. If its cloth at the bottom of the model i would drybrush it with Bestial Brown to look like mud.

Ghrask Dragh:

For the chainmail I would

start with a drybrushh of dark brown, scorched brown for example,

lightly drybrush a darkened chainmail over the top of that,

use chainmail for a very subtle highlight,

and then usually starting from the top of the chainmail I add scorched brown for a rusting/worn effect.

It’s not ideal for all models but will certainly make the 'mail look darker!


watered-down Tamiya Clear Red over boltgun metal or chainmail.


here is a link to dr.faust where he paints a khador warjack from warmachine. it is my kind of darker red for the cd armour.


not sure how to hyperlink it so copy and paste:cheers


I have seen this done with great effect… though it may be a little odd…

If your looking to make it look black with it wearing red an easy way to do this is to base chaos black. then depending on the detail drybrush a color like Codex Grey or Space Wolves Grey (even white if you want a strong red tint) just to give the raised areas and edges a bit of color… then finally take red ink and apply to the areas on both black and drybrushed areas. to make it darker simply apply more coats.


Dark flesh is an excellent base for red and goes on as well as a foundation paint. Mix it with red gore and then add some bleached bone or kommando khaki for the rest of the highlights, alternatively, bronzed flesh works well as a highlight mixer as well