[Archive] Painting the juggernaut?


I’m planning to get the new juggernaut, put a saddle and CD lord ontop, some mechanical wings on the sides and some bull horns.


I really want to have a go at NMM on it, on such a big model it will hopefully be easier to visualise. If I fail I’ll just repaint as metals.

My question though is what ‘metals’ should it be made from?

I’ve looked at the magmatrax article and I really love the shiny gold effect. So details will be gold.

The large areas though are a different issue. Iron? Bronze? Or golden as well, a giant golden bull (may lack contrast)? Or even black?

Red is not an option, it’ll look too similar to the original and too khornate.

For the base I was thinking of putting him rearing up on the base part of the Casket of Souls.

Anyone here who’s got the casket of souls, how wide is the base? Would it fit on 50mm?


i think black and gold could work, possibly doing the black as that cast iron black with some verdigris on it.

i tried NMM a few times and it does look quite good if you get it right. http://jenova.dk/ has a small tutorial with painting techniques i found really helpful.

i think your best bet is to not worry about it looking khornate, but just making sure it fits in with the rest of your chaos dwarfs. Where were you thinking of putting the wings, and what wings to use?


I’d scratch build the wings.  I was planning to build a small block on the highest part of the shoulders for them to be attached to.

I’ll build them before attaching, so if they look rubbish, or the idea won’t work I can rethink.

How about this:

Large plates:  Dark Iron (not black).

Large details:  Very shiny gold (like chrome SENMM)

Small details/ mechanical parts:  Steel (SENMM for mechanical joints/ small details etc, regular NMM for non mechanical functional parts).  

So visually it would be mainly gold and dark iron.  The rider would be the place to bring in red.

Kera foehunter:

grims another great idea!! what about bronze and black highlight the bronze with gold


i was thinking that myself as its a great model, just looking for a good set of wings for it