[Archive] painting white marble


anyone have a good way to paint white marble, or alternativly make marble tile looking bases?


Method I used was a base coat of bestial brown, blended to bleached bone then up to skull white. Overall it should look whitish, so if its small areas there will hardly be any brown. Just blend it flat at this point, forget the texture.

Then when you’ve finished do some very thin streaks of thinned bestial brown in a natural pattern (not parallel lines). You’ll need a ine brush.

Finally do a thin line of scorched brown only at the point where lines cross.

And to prove I have actually tested this (here).

It’s not the best paint job, but it shows it would work.


Depends on the type of white marble effect you’re going for.

A veined white marble (http://www.marblegreece.com/white-marble/volakasajaxwhite.jpg) could be done with painting lines of browns and/or greys then go over it with a very watered down white (80% water, 20% paint). This last bit makes the veins look a little less prominent and crisp.

A “streaked” white marble (http://www.henckert.com/karibib/images/minerals/karibib_white.jpg) can be done with a watered down coat of grey over white (70-80% water to 30-20% paint). Get some of the grey mix with a flat dry brush and do some sweeps over the area. Don’t completely cover the area, just keep it fairly sparse. Wait a few seconds and wipe the excess away with your finger. It leaves some nice streaks of without it being too overwhelming, and leaving the mix on the surface before wiping away allows it to create a more natural coverage.