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i’ve just gotten my hands on a hot pot (wohoO!) and i have no idea how to paint the hats and clothing so im wondering how do you get white to look nice? gray or brownish shading?


Look at the 'eavy metal’s Undead and High Elves to get an example.

For an “High Elven” white you can use a blue shadow effect starting from Enchanted blue (or Space Wolves Gray, like this one) and work it up to Skull White.

For the Undeads instead you can start with a Bestial (or Vomit) brown and thin it with Bleached bone until you are done. Maybe you can use Bleached bone as your “white”, and apply a thin stripe of Skull White on the edges.

Washes are helpful! Blue, Chestnut and Brown Ink are perfect for shading white. Apply them in more layers, and always remember to mix em with water.

Now, White is a color that can be shaded with everything. You should decide wich effect is better: if you are askin me blue isn’t the best color for Chaos Dwarf. And Brown gives the sensation of dirt. What about Gray\Black???


i’ll give it a try thanks for the advice,

can chaos dwarfs have Hotpots? just bought the model cuz of its awesomeness

Kera foehunter:

thanks for the tips skink i stink at painting white


i'll give it a try thanks for the advice,
can chaos dwarfs have Hotpots? just bought the model cuz of its awesomeness

Sure, Dogs of War are as legal as Chaos Dwarfs at this point.


If you want a bright clean white, make sure you prime with a white colour or grey. Don’t use black…


As Skink said the key to painting white is to use lots and lots of thin layers.  White (like chaos black) is a thicker paint than most, supposedly.


This is my way to paint white I start with a base coat of black spray which i then give a watered down wash of chaos black, when this is dry I dry brush Charadon Granite over the area and then follow this with 2 layers of bleached bone followed by as many watered down layers of skull white as it takes to get the finish that i want .

This one of my many skeletons from my undead army, which I have painted in this way


wen i paint white i do like this:

1. a light gray basecoat

2. higlight with Dheneb Stone

3. a extream higlight of Skull White

now you got a good white color for clothing


allright meat cleaver guy and one more halfling is done thanks for the tips it turned out well


The way I do it:

1. Black undercoat.

2. V dark grey colour

3. Dark Grey

4. Grey (leave some of the above showing)

5. Light grey (leave some of the above showing)

6. V light blue-grey (leave some of the above showing)

7. white mixed in with the above (raised areas only)

8. fine highlights of white.