[Archive] Paints other than GW


Has anyone from the States used any non-GW paints with any success - hopefully ones cheaper than GW. I could have all my paints shipped to me, but it seems an effort if I can get cheaper alternatives.


I’m not from the states but I do use a lot of these paints: http://www.warweb.com/vallejo-paints-vallejo-game-color-paint-c-65_171_394.html and the quality is good (and way cheaper than GW paint).


Great Bolg, thanks. 50% more paint and $1 less…not bad at all. I just picked up some cheap hobby supplies and thought “god, I need to buy paint”…so any savings are good.

All other advice is welcome, including cheap sources of undercoat spray (I’ve never found one as good as GW) and brushes.


I use a paint set called Anita’s

its about 3 times the amount as GW, but for only 99p (so about 6 times cheaper than GW paints)




I use Vallejo as well…


Not american either, also use Vallejo.

In the states, you should also be able to find the P3 range from Privateer Press, and Reaper Master Series, both of which I have heard good things about.

Blue in VT:

As my ancient Polly S paints slowly fade away I’ve been replacing them with a variety of different makers…GW for metals and washes…but everything else has been vallejo or Reaper and I’ve been perfectly happy with both…the Vallejo may have a slight edge in level of pigment…but I like the way the Reaper have suggested triads for highlighting.

Get a few of each and try them out.




Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it.

I managed to find 50 sable brushes today, from a liquidation final sale for 99c for the lot of them…so now to find cheap Vallejo paints.


There are some sellers in the UK that are selling vallejo for about $3 a pop - awesome deal even with shipping. Otherwise check the warstore - Im pretty sure they stock at a fair price


<------------------is using Revell Colours! Cheaper and more intensive tone!

But it’s poisonous :(!


I live in Canada, so same availability, I have actually moved away from using GW paints to the P3 line, roughly same price, bigger bottle, with highest pigment count among the big name model paint acrylics. Otherwise, I also use Vallejo, mainly for Flames of War, and that is the best way to buy them, choose a pre-packaged Flames of war paint set that has the colours you need and buy it, cheaper than buying individual Vallejo paints.