[Archive] Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter


Boris Woloszyn has just launched his Kickstarter for Pantheon of Chaos, which has some very characterful old school style chaos monsters and warrior/fighters.

Included are some beautiful 3rd edition GW-styled chaos dwarfs:

Boris is also working sculpting faithful recreations of all of the characters depicted on the original Les Edwards box art for HeroQuest (which will be a future kickstarter)



The figures that are based on the old drawings of Malal are very interesting, I don’t really like the Herald of Malice but the others are all based on the original drawings!

Dieter the Ageless also looks like he would be a good Kaleb Daark substitute

Timothy Archer:

i was following this guy’s work since several month , i want those chaos dwarf !!! theu are really really cool !


Just in case anyone missed it, there is another Chaos Dwarf already released by him and also available through this kickstarter, see PC09:

He also made a Minotaur (PM07).

Boar Centaur PM13 looks familiar from one classic warmachine, the whirlwind:

Personally, I hope that with the next kickstarter, the heroes of Heroquest will be released separately and not only in the 166�,� set.


Oooh very interesting stuff!


Pantheon of Chaos is already over 200% funded.  There’s a couple of decent-looking stretch goals, and although many of them are not my taste, this little guy is awaiting support :hat off

Right now it just needs another �,�1,443 over the next 14 days to unlock this model, bringing the total to 5 Chaotic Dwarfs.



I think I’ll definitely do this one. (when I find my Kickstarter password)


Jupp, there are some amazing models there for sure! Well worth it IMO. :slight_smile:


Good find! Will back with something small.


I am really considering getting a Malal lot… its cool how they used all the original concept art from the mid 80s pretty much perfectly, 30 years to take concept sketch to model.


Successfully funded with a decent-enough turn-out to hopefully encourage the next Kickstarter, rumored to be HQ-related.

And check out these unlocked stretch goals:

Oh my… look at that last one, Khaldor Skullface. Get rid of those weapons and it’s the Chaos Warlock from Les Edward’s HQ box art (right hand side)! Drool…

Can’t wait to get my new evil dwarfs!