[Archive] Partially Painted Chaos Dwarf Army for Sale


3 Standard Bearers (2 painted, 1 assembled)
1 Musician and Champion (painted)
1 Dark Castellean (Avatars of War Hero, painted)
3 Sorcerers (2 painted, 1 assembled)
1 Hellsmith (Gamesday, assembled)
6 Bull Centaur Renders (assembled and half painted)
1 Hobgoblin Khan (painted)
40 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w Bows (Nightgoblins, assembled)
1 Iron Daemon (assembled)
2 Dreadquake Morters (painted)
3 Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers (painted)
3 Mama Cannons (painted)
25 Infernal Guard HW/Shd (painted)
10 Infernal Guard HW/Shd (unassembled)
18 Infernal Guard w Fireglaives (mostly painted)
10 Infernal Guard w Fireglaives (unassembled)
2 Unit fillers for the Fireglaive IG and 3 for the HW/Shd unit(s).

Also included are the Scibor bases I’ve been using for the army (Squalid Ground 20mm), and some bits (there’s enough for another Khan or two).

There’s well over $1500 worth of stuff from Forgeworld here, I’m asking $700, but I’m negotiable. I need cash, but again I am willing to work a deal for anyone interested. Had some surprise bills pop up and I need to cover them more than I need another army project.

Here’s a few pics of what we’re talking about, this is only a sample, but it’s indicative of the stuff that’s painted.

Thanks for looking.


Would there be any chance you would be willing to trade internationally? I know someone who would potentially be willing to trade with you but he lives in the UK. I understand if this is too much hassle for you, but if it’s not, then I could put him in contact with you in the next couple of days.


Sad to see you part with this army, what you have done with it, looks great!!!


Very sorry to hear you’re giving up the army. Your army is beautiful and I enjoy your blog posts. If you decide at some pint you are willing to split off some pieces, I am quite interested in several models.

Let me know.

On another topic, will you be at Bugeater this year? I would love to see your army firsthand.


Sad to see you part with this army, what you have done with it, looks great!!!

Btw, good luck:cheers


Thanks guys, to answer some questions:

I’m perfectly happy to deal with someone overseas. However, that is going to affect shipping, so bare that in mind. Also, I’m looking for cash (PayPal) especially in the case of an overseas buyer, that should help cover both of us.

I’m going to eventually redo the Chaos Dwarfs, but I’ve got so much on deck already. And I’ve also decided on a different color scheme for my own guys to make them match the rest of my stuff a little better. But mainly, I need cash to pay a gigantic phone bill, after having to buy new tires, two new car batteries, and a ticket for expired tags (yes, it’s been that kind of week).



Local Gamestore Owner and TO bought my Chaos Dwarfs, got cash + store credit because he is a wily dealer in plastic crack.