[Archive] Path to Glory: Chaos Dwarf Warband Rules


Path to Glory was a package of Chaos Warband rules released in White Dwarf during 6th edition WHFB. I’ve never tested them out, but the sheer random tables, gifts and mutations made it appear great, as did the chance to bash it out in the Chaos wastelands of the north in a small game. Me and my brother have never forgotten it for those reasons, and we’d like to try them out soon in WHFB 8th edition.

Have anyone played Path to Glory? And what did you think about it? Are there some rules or tables that should be adjusted to suit the new rules?

Clearly, as Chaos Dwarfs, the Dawi Zharr can’t miss out on the action in a Chaos Warband campaign. That’s why I’ve tinkered away on this draft for Chaos Warbands rules. It’s written in Wordpad since my Word bugs out and hangs itself every time you save a document on it. As such, there’s no layout or separation of tables to single pages, since Wordpad don’t display pages as far as I am aware. The PDF conversion didn’t agree completely with the RTF format, but any aesthetic fixes can come with updates due to feedback:

Path to Glory: Chaos Dwarf Warband Rules (Admiral)

Path to Glory (Dînadan)

What do you think of it? How would you do it?

I’ve always been, and will always be lousy with rules. Your feedback and ideas are as such extra valuable. I’m sure there are lots of things that need changes, so fire away, ladies and gentlemen, and be welcome to share your own rules! :slight_smile:

Updated post with Dînadan’s own take on Path to Glory. Don’t hesitate to share your own!


Looks great!

I`ll take a time to read it through at the weekend.



Thank you! I hope you enjoy the read. :slight_smile:

Issuu document updated with cosmetic corrections. What do you think about the rules themselves?

Dînadan’s version of Path to Glory updated.


Is it just me, or have the tables disappeared from my version that you’ve uploaded :o


They have disappeared. What the heck! Odd, I’ll have to check on that when I get back home later today or tomorrow.


Were you ever able to sort out what happened to those tables? My friends and I are about to start a Path to Glory campaign and I’m interested in trying out this version, but it’s a little hard without any of the tables.


Does ‘Path to Glory’ integrate into the warhammer warbands rules completely? I found my copy of ‘Path to Glory’ the other day and it looks like good fun.

By warhammer warbands rules, I mean these:



@gmillar: No, I didn’t manage to find the fault. Somehow, the tables in Dïnadan’s file could not be translated to Issuu. I’ve no idea why. Perhaps if you ask Dînadan, he can send the files to you by E-mail?

@zobo1942: I asked myself the same when writing the above rules. I’ve no idea, and likewise I do not know if the homebrew rules of mine are anywhere near balanced. It’s done for the flavour of it, because that old Path to Glory freebie in WD looked so fun.