[Archive] Path to Glory: Chaos Warbands Rules


Path to Glory was a package of Chaos Warband rules released in White Dwarf during 6th edition WHFB. I’ve never tested them out, but the sheer random tables, gifts and mutations made it appear great, as did the chance to bash it out in the Chaos wastelands of the north in a small game. Me and my brother have never forgotten it for those reasons, and we’d like to try them out soon in WHFB 8th edition.

Have anyone played Path to Glory? And what did you think about it? Are there some rules or tables that should be adjusted to suit the new rules?

We’ve got an idea for a Chaos Dwarf slaver/trader warband, with one table for mercenaries and slaves, including Infernal Guard, and another for servants of Hashut. Have no idea how it would perform. Would anyone be interested in seeing it written down?


I’ve never played, but last year I did start updating the rules to 8th ed for a campaign my club was planning on playing, but the campaign never materialised; among other things I updated the follower tables to the 8th ed army book for WoC and 7th ed army book for BoC and added tables for DoC, CDs and DEs and bonus tables for O&G (to allow for the retro feel of Chaos Orcs and for CD to have a broader slave pool) and Hobgoblins. I’ll try and see if I can find them and send them to you so you can see what you like to use for your try at updating (or even just finish them off if you like them enough :wink: ).


Yes please! That sounds perfect. :cheers

First draft up.