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Does anyone here know if Paul Sawyer still works for GW?

Lord Zarkov:

He’s left now IIRC; I vaguely recall there being a fuss about it on the net

Kera foehunter:

i heard that he quit the wd around the 290issue and became a marketing agent in sales for gw.

i miss flat broke* as kera wipes a tear from her eye*


Believe Kera is right. He only left his “top dog” position at the WD to the marketing… Probably quite a bump upwards too. Not heard much from the bloke lately though.


Hashut’s Blessing:

If I remember rightly, the reason he quit being editor was because he was promoted. After that, I don’t know. But, he was definitely the best editor and the next two tried to follow him. A beer to Fat Bloke!


Thanks for that. I know someone who knows someone who supposedly knows Paul, so I thought I’d find out whether he was still in a position to be useful to us :wink:


Under his leadership WD was the best it has ever been.


I’m glad he left when he did. Although it was probably because he wanted a promotion (which was a good move for him hopefully), the magazine changed direction quickly afterwards. So much more sales focussed.

So I like to think he left on a high, before he associated himself with it sliding downhill.

Kera foehunter:

well they need to find a guy like that to pull th wd out of the mess it in.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I concur with Kera. The following two tried to uphold his system of “what the gamers/hobbyists/painters/collectors/sculptors/enthusiasts want”, but just weren’t quite as pro as he was. Then the cr*pness started and the sales pitches began.


Ironic that he moved to marketing…

I don’t think GW has a problem with WD. If you ask me theres a bit of a scrap going n between the suits and the genuine hobbyists who’ve ben there since. The hobbyists need the suits to keep GW profitable and the suits need the hobbyists because without them theres no product, but neither likes the way the other opperate - The old guard worry too much about spirit of the game and just having fun. The suits don’t care about this hobby except for the profit it makes.

Fat Bloke was too much of an influence at WD so they offer him a promotion thats impossible for a man with two young children to refuse. The next two try to keep his ideas going but are lent on by the suits and move on quickly. Now the suits have what they want, which is a sales pitch mag which we are too stuck in our ways to stop buying. By putting it in plastic and including the occasional important article they keep us buying it


I agree with you there AGPO, although i dont buy it and havent for many years the issues i do see are very poor for the gamer.

Does anybody play LOTR? although i have lots of figures it is a poor system imo :hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t know anyone who actually plays LOTR, but the models are exquisitely sculpted, especially the new Harad range. I probably should be grateful none of my friends plays that game, otherwise I’d just lose more of my money for new miniatures. ^^


No one I know plays LoTR, anecdotal sure, but telling…

Kera foehunter:

I don’t know of anyone plays lotr. Heck they dicount the stuff just to get ride of it at my store


Used to play LOTR when the movies were out but stopped because a) I preferred Warhammer couldn’t afford to run two systems (quit 40k for the same reason) and b) GW were stretching things a bit. “Tolkein once mentioned something vaguely in a sentence or two so we’re gonna start releasing stuff for them which doesn’t look half as cool as the stuff from the film.” I loved painting the fellowship models though - they were some of the Perry’s best works and the 'Eavy Metal painting guides for them (another Sawyer inovation) taught me so much.


The WD really goes down… In Germany it is just a sale-magazine with pages full of photos of content from new sprues. It isn´t worth the 6�,�.

… and… I play Lotr^^ Rohan and Dwarfs :smiley: I really like the game as a skirmish system but it´s really not a mass combat system… even if GW want´s to change it into one.


i used to play lotr quite a bit, not really battles more as a sort of rpg (heroes against varying monsters) the problem was there was no experience sstem and the combat was way too basic.

the models are fantastic though.

p.s. ephialtes cool avatar :wink: