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OK, I’ve been collecting GW’s PDFs (Lists, FAQs, Erratica) for a while. I do have the most current FAQ’s but I’m needing some of the lists (SOC ones mainly) that I don’t have on this computer. I have the SOC book (and Lustria) but I’d like the lists for backup.

Let me know what I’m missing and where can get it.

Here’s my current list


Bretonnia FAQ May 2008

Chaos Dwarf

Chaos Dwarf FAQ

Chaos War Mammoth

Cursed Company

Daemons of Chaos 2008

Dark Elves FAQ January 2009

Dogs of War Reference Chart

Dogs of War Special Characters

Dwarf FAQ February 2008

Empire FAQ May 2008

Giant Rules

GW Citadel Bitz 2009

GW Citadel Collectors 2009

GW Citadel Specialist Games 2009

High Elves FAQ October 2008

Kislev Allies

Menghils Manflayers

Ogre Kingdoms FAQ February 2008

Orcs and Goblins FAQ February 2008

Red Host of Tehenhauin

Regiment of Renown Reference Chart


Regiment of Renown Part 1 (DOW)

Regiment of Renown Part 2

Sacred Host

Skaven FAQ February 2008

SOC Slayer Army

Tomb Kings FAQ February 2008

Vampire Counts May 2008

Warhammer FAQ February 2008

Warhammer FAQ Part 2 January 2008

Warhammer Warbands

Warhammer Army Composition System

Warhammer Grand Tournament 2006

Wood Elves May 2008

Unofficial Lists

Warhammer Armies �?" Halfling (Not Official)

Warhammer Armies �?" Nippon (Not Official)

Warhammer Armies �?" Norse - Mark T. Harter (Not Official)

Warhammer Armies �?" Norse 2 - Danny Whitehouse (Not Official)

Warhammer Armies �?" Norse Mountain Clans (Not Official)


Skaven Blight Volumes 1-5

Word of Hashut Issues 1-3

Hashut’s Blessing:

As long as these lists can be still be downloaded from the originators, this is fine, by if there are any scanned and sent, we do not condone it as CDO.


I’m only trying to collect the ones that have been able to be downloaded currently (or recent past) it seems that the Australian/New Zealand GW site still has the older ones for download. I’ve heard that nothing ever is completely deleted from the internet. I’m not condoning illegal copies.

I downloaded the FAQ’s for the Dark Elves and the legal notice didn’t pop up, it went right into the PDF file. I tried it on the UK and US sites and no more legal notice.

Pyro Stick:

I downloaded the FAQ's for the Dark Elves and the legal notice didn't pop up, it went right into the PDF file. I tried it on the UK and US sites and no more legal notice.

Its not illegal to download FAQ's.

If you are trying to get all these lists then you should probably try and find torrents for them and get them that way. Then you dont need to ask for them and tell people what you are downloading.


The FAQ’s used to be protected with the Legal Notice.

The SOC Lists were available on GW’s site until recently. I can see them getting huffy about the lists from the current books but why so huffy on the lists they let people download for free?

I don’t like torrents to get illegal copies, I just want the ones that were legal to obtain. Heck, I probably downloaded them all a few times over the years but can’t seem to find the folders they are in (maybe they are on the desktop computer I haven’t turned on in 4 months.)

I think I’m going to get the reference sheets and magic cards from GW’s site tonight. I like to see what my opponent can and cannot do. I want to print the magic cards and laminate them for ease of use during my games.


I have every army list in PDF form if you need any (provided I can send them) and is there any chance I could score the FAQs off you?

This however is highly illegal, could a mod please remove this?


Removed it myself. I have copies of half the books, my bro has the other half. We just got the PDFs so we didn’t have to share from a distance… :S


could you pls give me a link/links for downloading albion, soc, dow special characters and all the unnoficial ones

Pyro Stick:

could you pls give me a link/links for downloading albion, soc, dow special characters and all the unnoficial ones

By albion do you mean the Dark Shadows book?


At this time the Albion, SOC and DOW Special Charaters are not available for download that I’ve found. The special characters I found were the original DOW website The Black Tavern.

Marco Columbo is on GW’s French site, in French.

The other special characters are also up as a pdf on GW France

They also have a mercenary general in French.

Groznit Goregut:

Hello Mr. Bilbo Baggins,

I can think of a couple that you are missing. The Albion campaign had two mini-games that they introduced during the event that were separate .pdf’s for download off their site. They are:

THE GIANT TOSS GAME = it was a mini game where each person played as a giant. You lobbed rocks at each other and tried to knock each other out of a ring. It seems a bit silly, but I never got to try it.

THE CHARIOT RACING GAME = Space McQuirk (I think that’s his name) wrote these and you still might be able to find this on some websites. I think GW OZ might still have them. It’s a pretty fun rule set and I’ve even made a giant 6" x 4" chariot racing arena to play in. I think some of the different chariots aren’t fully balanced and I’ve been changing the rules slightly to make up for it. Also, the Tomb Kings weren’t included in that document, for some reason. They have their own separate .pdf.

I can email these to you, if you want. Just PM me. I wouldn’t mind getting a lot of the Dogs of War .pdf’s that are on specific units, if you have them.

If you know the exact URL where things used to be hosted, you can always go to the Internet Archives and still find a lot of good stuff.

I do have a question about the Albion Special Characters. Do you mean the real Albion Special Characters? The ones for different races? Or just the stats for the Truth Sayer / Dark Emissary and Fen Beast?


I’ve heard about the Chariot race but never saw the rules. Giant toss sound like that would have be introduced when the plastic giant model came out. They both sound like they can be fun.

The only DOW references I have are the ROR parts 1 and 2 from the Warhammer annuals and the DOW and ROR reference charts that say what units can be used in which army and a couple of ones in French I found this morning on the French GW site.


Gnoblar punting is hilarious, if you can find that one.

Basically gut-ogres booting gnoblars, occasionally splattering them on their boot etc.


Pit fighting was cool too. Have to look for that one again.

Groznit Goregut:

Did you get the .pdf’s?

I know the Giant Toss came out with the Albion campaign back in 2001. I’m not sure if the Chariot Race came out at the same time as the Albion campaign, but it was on that particular website.


Yes I have them. Thanks.