[Archive] Pfreck's Chaos Dwarf� � warband [WIP]


nice, solid paint scheme and smooth conversions!! Keeep up teh good work :slight_smile: Especially loving the googles.

The Brain:

Cool looking war band. The female is really good. Keep up the good work. :cheers

turquois dwarf:

hooray for mordheim!

I realy like these conversions. the cloth is especialy good and realistic. I think snotling-style chaos dwarfs will work realy well on a warband scale.


Thanks guys and girl!

I actually finished my warband in time! Here are some WIP pictures and pictures of the finished warband! No Informers so far, because I didn’t have the time to model 4 of them, so I took a CD warrior with Blunderbuss instead for the mini-campaign. :slight_smile:

What do you think? :cheers


Awesome job :hat off

Already told you what I think of your conversions - and the look even more stunning painted.

Let us know how the preform - and I do hope you find time to add those Informes to your warband.


Whoa! Looking great! Keep up the excellent work!

…But the pictures are a bit grainy. :S What camera are you using?


Thanks a lot guys! :smiley:

Clam: Thanks a lot mate, I’m actually working on my first Informer right now, he’s going to be a Hobgoblin make out of Nightgoblin parts. Like I said before. :slight_smile: Oh! And happy birthday!

Xander: Yeah I know, my pics never turn out how I like them to be… :~ It’s really weird because it’s not a bad camera, it’s an Olympus FE-240 7.1MP camera, I only have it for 2 years now so it’s not old or anything… Do you know any tricks to fix it?



My favourite bull centaur ive seen on this site good work!


fast progress, look great painted! I’m assuming you use macro on you’re camera but if you’re not maybe that’s it? (the little flower button) What’s the whip made out of? Not a big fan of the size of the bull’s head but besides that keep it up. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

i like the bull type helmet on the bull centaur


Great work on every thing, the bull centaur looks awesome :slight_smile: