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So, I was thinking about a way to make the CD army I’m going to be starting unique, both model-wise, theme-wise and gameplay-wise. I was looking through all the armies on this great site and I realized that no one had equipped their CDs with Pickelhaubes. But there are a few snags in this idea, most of which are mostly just in my head.

First, while I’m fine with cutting up, sculpting and casting plastic dwarfs, I would feel terrible cutting up the classic metals, which is a bummer because with the pickelhaubes on the rank and file they won’t match the artillery crews.

Second, the Pickelhaube, to me, represents a more mobile style of warfare, namely using lots of blunderbussers, wolf riders and artillery. This in my mind is the biggest problem, because I don’t know how well an army so slow would function trying to be mobile. I play IG in 40k and the incentive to stay put is huge; I can only imagine what its like for CDs who are even slower. Does anyone have experience with playing a slightly mobile CD army, if so is this a viable type of army?

Thanks in advance guys.



Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ignorant fool, behold ze greatest invention of pre-WWI Imperial engineering genius!


Kera foehunter:

oooooooooooooo now it make since!!!


unfortunatly you are pigeonholed to mobile or artillery, if you try mixing too much it wont work. for mobility, bull centaurs are a must. they hit harder and faster than heavy cav, but watch out cuz they will get shot up easilly. several units of wolf riders to outflank, mage hunt, war machine hunt, harass, etc. is also a must in a mobile force. lord on taurus will give you good punch and mobility.

for your special slots, a unit of blorcs and a unit of biguns should make your central blocks. they are faster than dwarves, and hit harder. use 3 small units of blunderbusses w/ mages in them for your minimum core requirement, and take 4 bolt throwers.

Ghrask Dragh:

As far as modeling goes I made one of these a while back, it was just a test model, he was going to be one of the Earthshaker crew. I like the look, definetly suits Chaos Dwarfs, it might find it’s way into some of my blunderbuss conversions! Good luck with yours!! :cheers

(sorry for poor quality pic’!)

Kera foehunter:

thats cool ghrash!!!great job

Ishkur Cinderhat:

A very chaos-dwarfy look indeed, somehow quite fitting. I like it. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve seen this style done before (and I seem to faintly recollect that one of the marauder range had one. I may be wrong there though.) and it looks good. Unsure of how an entire army would look with them. Maybe, have unit champions and characters with them. Irrespective, that is some EXCELLENT sculpting there…


Some of the old 3rd edition CDs had pickelhaubes.

It’s a nice idea (if perhaps a tad culturally insensitive).


Wow Ghrask, that is an excellent conversion. a lot like the one I’m playing around with. But how many people echo Malificant’s thoughts? Can a CD army be relatively mobile while using lots of rockets and a couple of earthshakers?


Very cool


Some of the old 3rd edition CDs had pickelhaubes.
It's a nice idea (if perhaps a tad culturally insensitive).

Yeah, the bazooka guys had them (the dwarf with the bazuka) and some of the x-bow men too IIRC.


I realized that no one had equipped their CDs with Pickelhaubes.

They already exist. And have so for many years, indeed I got two units of 20 blunderbusses already for my "non-GW" CD army. They are called Krautian guards and come from the Flintloque range. You could order them here:


But its expensive - even by GW standard - try Ebay - they pop up occationally.

They are - by far - the best dwarf infantry I own. And trust me - I got a lot of dwarfs. Pity about their painted pics - AA would sell so much more if they were closer to GW quality in painting and photo publishing.




12 pounds aint bad for 10 minis. most pewter sets run $45 dollars US, and IIRC 1 pount is around $2 or $2.20 nowadays. so 25-30 bucks and bad for 10 minis. they looks cool too!


It's a nice idea (if perhaps a tad culturally insensitive).

It's no more insensitive than making an arab-themed army (which I think is cool) or an assyrian themed army (which is pretty much vanilla CD). So horray for prussian chaos dwarfs!


culturally insensitive? …ever seen IG steel legion or death corps of krieg?


I think its an excellent idea i can see them now very CD .There are quite a few 3rd ed cd with spiky helms and ghrask’s is a great example of a look although i would go more prussian with it .

Malificent list is great akin to one i use but with BC lord rather than taurus because of costs when fielding BCs and two wolfboyz units .No black orcs (costs again) .

It is very effective and fast with the ES helping you to outmanuver the enemy :hat