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This is something I’ve been struggling with a long time.

What to pick for a general colour scheme. It is somewhat problematic as I haven’t quite nailed down the army’s principles yet. Comes from playing too much Chaos Undivided I guess. So it is all a happy mixture of Dwarf and Chaos bitz (as I realsied I didn’t quite ahve enough CHaos bitz that I needed). I was going to throw in a few Big Hats as well for elites/leaders.
The original premise though was to make a “Chaos” Dwarf army. I intend to use converted (evilyfied, totally a word I promise) regular Dwarf minis as I got loads from a friend (4k-5k or thereabouts). I’d play with either regular Dwarf or Chaos Dwarf rules depending on what I feel like (and can use).

So colours…
Red + gold looks good but is terribly cliché.

I am not sure another purple army is doable (have DE and Slaaneshy Chaos).

Green, blue and yellow :o ? doesn’t quite feel evil enough either.

I’m toying with a brown cloth + goldish metallic scheme, but would it look good or just blend it all together.
Beard and skin colour is also a question. I’m not one who gets what works together, I tend to just go with a feeling mostly.
I was toying with the idea to try the “Xander Pre-paint-photoshop” method ™ but what would require for that to work?

Edited, smaller picture links in post below instead


Those are some crazy horns!


Those are some crazy horns!

I needed to do something suitable impressive and I wasn't certain I could pull of a custom hat on him. So I took the next best thing...

If you're going to wear horns you wear the coolest ones you can get.
Story is basically they are ripped from a Demon, shows how badass this guy is.

It was a pure coincidence really that I realised I much preferred the look of horns pointing to the side rather than up (it can be seen vaguely in the group shot).


Ultimately I think red is pretty much unavoidable for Chaos Dwarfs, no other colour seems to work with them. The whole lava pit ash waste thing is pretty defining. I think things like skin colour are the parts where you could do something more interesting: Do you go for a really dark, leathery skinned look, or do you make them pale and sinister? I prefer the dark skin look, as it makes them look tougher and is a nice contrast to Dark Elves (the other ‘evil twin’ army :)).

I really wouldn’t say purple, green or yellow fits Chaos Dwarfs at all. Red, black, brown, gold and metal, a bit like their magic lores, the colours of fire, metal and earth.

Brown can be a dangerous choice as it can make the army look very muddy, particularly if the bases are also brownish. If you decide to use brown, then I would be careful to make sure it is clean and well highlighted, and consider a grey ash/grit basing perhaps. Be careful of mixing brown with gold, as the two are fairly close and can also add to muddiness. And of course red is also pretty close to both of them :slight_smile: I find a silver/metal contrasts well with red/brown and helps to keep things clean and add some variation. I also did the metal on my guys very dark, almost a gunmetal colour, which makes their weapons and armour very heavy-looking.

I tried some other beard colours but white was the only other one that I was comfortable with, other than black. Chaos Dwarf longbeards do look cool :slight_smile:


I pretty much disagree with Baggronor on this point. Sure, red is awesome on the small blackhearted chaos dwarfs, but you shouldn´t be afraid of using other colours on them. Just like Vampire counts doesn´t need to be red, dark elfs purple or wood elves green, the chaos dwarfs can be whatever you like.

My chaos dwarf blood bowl players are blue and grey, while my normal chaos dwarfs are green and goldish. And for me, I couldn´t be more satisfied. To create your own colour scheme is actually only that as rewarding as modeling your own army. Here you have a few examples of different colourshemes that could help you:

My own: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5930 (more on p.2)

Krug666 (purple): https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9327

Geckilians BB team (blue and green): http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/bloodbowl1.php

Golden deamon winners: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/golden-demon.php


is it just me or did the horns change between pictures?

Ghrask Dragh:

Dude, I would love to paint the 2 heroes on the far right! excellent idea with the horns, they make them look evil.

To me, they should be done using heavily washed silver armour (like 2 coats of black and one light coat of mud) to give a real gritty feel with dark cloths (blacks, browns and very dark reds)


Silver armour eh? Maybe. Honestly I’m pretty much sold on using gold/bronze armour. I did a version, a bit darker one, on some of my CSMs and I decided it was perfect for Evil Dwarfs.
Problem is what to combine it with really. Red goes well but I’d rather not. The other questions was the beard, I sorta wanted to make a dark skin, so a light beard pretty much is a must.
I guess I can’t really decide without trying it out. It is just that once I start I might not stop… repainting isn’t something I’m inclined to.
That’s why I was thinking about doing a Photoshop prototype first.

is it just me or did the horns change between pictures?

Yes and no.

Pictures were taken before I decided on option A) or B). In fact to help make up my mind.

I’ll post the other 2 pictures I didn’t bother to add so as not to clutter the main point. It might explain why the horns have “moved”.