[Archive] Pile of LOTR stuff


Just come into a box of GW Lotr stuff and a larger scale Sabretooth game set, it contains:-


about 30 Rohan Warriors - equal split

about 5 Rohan Horsemen inc metal model

The plastic fellowship range set

about 30 Warriors of Minas Tirith

treebeard with merry and pippin aloft

10 set of army of the dead (the ones from the 3rd film) inc the king

6 rangers inc that bloke from the second movie (Boromirs brother)

12 elves, 6 swords, 6 archers

30 mordor orcs

25 mordor goblins

15 uruk hai

that explosion kit from Helms Deep inc 4 models and the boom bomb.

urak hai armoured troll - metal model


Apprx 35 models including bases with two adjustable settings and names with all the main characters - having real trouble finding this range though, any ideas?

Anyone like extra info about any bits?


n/b - vast majority unpainted or with a thin layer of paint.