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Kera foehunter:

I going to build a ship for my guys

i have a foam cutter . But i want to know what i can use to fill in the ruff spots with ?? (I’m not a neat cutter) more like a butcher of foam

i done some land scape before so im new at the foam

ps is there any link on using the pink and blue foam insulation

thanks Kera


Hmm… I’d use a huge ‘keg’ of PVA glue, make sure its thick. This works on smaller spots, otherwise if you really want to use a poxy resin (Slow drying works best), make sure that the brand you use doesn’t melt the foam. I would be tempted to mix the two at 3 to 1. (3 poxy).

Hope this helps!


Yes, Kera, drywall filler, spackle, etc, works really well - especially because you can sand it later. PVA glue, not so much. You can even use epoxy putty if you like. I recently did a project where I used pink foam as a base and built up a textured later of Aves Apoxie ontop of it, then sanded down the sides of the putty and foam. Works well.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Quite often in White Dwarf they mention using wall filler to help smooth things out or to build things up and to join pieces of insulation foam together and whatnot. As GRNDL has said, it’s useful because you can sand it down as well, giving you a smooth and flat surface. You can also chip it if you want, allowing you to create a craggy/rocky appearance and you can use these chips to make small rocks and scree etc, good for gluing to the base where you’ve just chipped them off :wink: Also, if it’s for 40k you can easily make realistic looking bulletholes for buildings using it.


Silicone bathroom sealant.

It’s squich enough to push into gaps, but sticky and viscous enough to stay where it’s put. Using a normal gun to dispense it ensures the single tube will last you a long time.

My old gmes club made great use of this stuff when we modelled the siege of Troy in 24mm.


I should get a picture of the boat that Vexxus and I made out of Pink Foam. We used a foam cutter and built the ship up in layers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Most welcome. I hope it comes in handy if and when you wish to use it. Also, along the same lines, you can use the same sort of stuff (and the grouting sealant) to make the crests of waves and even the ripples and waves themselves. Use a similar technique to how ceilings are often done, when they have a thin plaster type thing on.


Another good product to use is wood putty… It molds nicely, a little thicker than drywall goop, dries quicker and sands nicely… I just picked some up for $3 American dollars for a tiny tub that has a re-sealable top. I’m not sure how well Caulk sands…